Candle Sticks and Holders Buying Guide

Candles have a deep religious significance and are an important part of many festivals around the world. Beautiful candlesticks and candlestick holders are classic pieces of decor that add to the charm of a well-furnished home. Candelabras hang from the ceiling and are generally preferred to provide illumination. But when it comes to setting the candles on a mantelpiece or table, then candlesticks and holders will suffice. There are numerous kinds of candlesticks available nowadays. In fact, the variety of materials, styles and designs is bound to leave you confused! Read this guide to learn about the various kinds of candles available and which ones you should buy!  

Styles and Designs

Wrought iron sticks and holders are made of hand hammered iron and are crafted into elegant curves and forms. Other types include tea light holders, votive holders, hanging holders, pillar holders and pedestal candle holders.  Also you can pick from a single or a multi-armed candle holder. If you want something for the wall, then go for wall candle sconces. Make sure they are fitted securely to the wall. When you buy a candlestick or holder, look out for a lip at the circumference to prevent hot wax from dripping onto surfaces.   

Some popular designs include contemporary structures such as the Alessi 'Turn Me On' Candlestick and the Leonardo Candlestick Cubes. Others may prefer a traditional sterling silver or wrought iron candlestick to grace the dining table or a buffet. Ornate candle holding structures with motifs create a lasting impression and are more a decorative item than a functional candle holder. English candlesticks are usually made of sterling silver and can hold larger candles, especially church candles.  

Materials Used

  • Metal 
  • Sterling Silver 
  • Glass  
  • Crystal 
  • Enamel 
  • Ceramic  
  • Wood 
  • Granite 
  • Chrome 
  • Brass 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

3 Diamanté Candle Holders 

These decorative holders add a sparkling touch wherever they’re placed!

Art Deco Chrome Candlesticks 

Get this pretty holder with beautifully realised dancing girls!

Vera Wang 'With Love' Tealight Candle Holder 

This silver plated candle holder set is an elegant addition to any home!

Quick Picks

Red Leaf Tea Light Candle Holders 

This lovely red tea light candle holder is made of wood.

Column Candlesticks Silver and Crystal 

These graceful column candle holders are perfect for adorning your dining table.

Quadrat Wall Candlestick 

These mirror finish holders for the wall are great for a formal setting such as the office. They have a sleek and contemporary finish for a sophisticated feel.

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