Car Equalizers

An equalizer, also known as an audio signal processor, is an add-on for your car audio system. Equalizers give users the ability to fine-tune their car's sound system. An equalizer can also act as a limiter, ensuring that the spectrum of frequencies matches a user's personal preference. Although some may think it unnecessary, an equalizer is a vital component in your stereo equipment because it will cut out unnecessary noise from the inside and outside of your car, as well as boost other frequencies. The interior of your car is full of things that can affect your sound. A carpeted floor can absorb and dull sound or the glass windows can make for heavy reverberation.  

What to Know Before Buying

* An equalizer's ability to control sound is primarily determined on how many bands it features. The more bands, the more tailoring you can do and the better sound you can get. * There are two types of equalizers. A graphic equalizer is simpler and uses controls or sliders to boost or cut frequencies.  * A parametric equalizer is much more complex. It can control the level of frequency, the primary frequency, and the bandwidth of each frequency. If you want more control and finer adjustments, this is the one to go for. * An equalizer is ''not'' the same thing as a crossover. A crossover only allows you to limit which frequencies are sent to your speakers. Most equalizers also have a crossover built-in.  * Equalizers can either be mounted in or below your dashboard or mounted in your trunk. Naturally, a trunk-mounted one will come with a remote so you can control it.  * It's best to get an equalizer with at least 2-channels or more so you can control your front and rear speakers, your fader, and subwoofer output. * Do some research on your products and make sure they will work with your car and your stereo. You don't want to get stuck with something that isn't compatible. 

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* Kenwood * Kicker * Legacy * Pioneer * Power Acoustik * Pyramid

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