Card Games Buying Guide

When it comes to indoor activities, card games are usually the first thing that comes to mind. So whether you're playing because of inclement weather, you have a little time to kill, or you just want to spend time with the family, there are a few basic items that you need for a fun game. First, you need a deck of cards . This sounds simple, but think back on every time you pulled that trusted pack out of the activities drawer only to find the Two of Hearts and the Nine of Diamonds were missing. Many decks come with instructions for different games in case you feel like branching out from your usual set of games. If that's not enough, think about buying a book of card games  so you can discover new games for a fun pastime or a relaxing social activity. For specific games, think about buying a card game set with specific instructions and special cards that only work for that game. It can be fun, and if everyone knows the rules, it can be less hectic too. 

What Card Games to Look for

The person with whom you intend to play really influences what kind of card game you will buy. If you're looking for a fun and sexy activity to share with your someone special, you might want a card game for couples . For a relaxing night of poker with friends, maybe you should look into a Texas Hold 'em set . If you're looking for an activity to do with your niece or gran, you could pick up a set of Old Maid cards , or Go Fish cards . If you're looking for a gift  for that fanboy or fangirl in your life, there are many card games with specific themes, like Star Wars  or Elvis playing cards . With so many options open to you, just pick something that looks like fun, and would work for either a specific occasion or simply for a rainy day. 

Cards for Kids

Rat-a-Tat Cat: 

For ages six and up, this is a basic maths skills and strategy game with amusing pictures on each card. Kids try to go for the lowest cards and avoid the high ones.

Ugly Doll Card Game :

This is a little more physical than your average card game.  It features the Ugly Dolls , and kids can enjoy this whether or not they have a doll of their own. 

Thing-a-Ma-Bots :

A game of memory where kids make up names for the robots featured on the cards. Entertaining illustrations on each card, and aimed at kids six and older. 

Match of the Penguins: 

A memory game with penguins and colourful pictures. Helps build memory recall, and features silly penguin pictures. 

Zeus on the Loose :

This is a combination of spelling, basic maths skills, and ancient Greek mythology, all made into one card game. 


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