Cat Beds

If you have one of the few cats that would actually prefer to sleep in a bed than on your heating grate or your hair, look into buying a comfortable bed.  The features of cats beds are pretty simple, so your choices are mostly aesthetic, comfort, and cost and your cat still may not use it! Remember to keep the receipt.


* Fleece * (Faux-)Suede * Denim * Faux-fur * Faux-sheepskin * Nylon * Wicker * Feathered

Special Features

* ElectrostaticallyCatching * Orthopedic, Supportive * Insulating (thermal) * "Water" Absorbent Pads * Fire Retardent * Wooden Frame * Washable * Recyclable * Catnip Scented * Ice/Heat Pack

International Resources

For this resource in your home country, please see: ! NL: Kattenmand Shopgids