Cat Carriers

Uh oh. You need to take your cat on a trip or worse, to the vet. This will not be easy. Since it's unlikely Fluffy is just going to walk alongside you, you're going to need a carrier. But what to buy?

Top Picks

* For vet trips and travel, your best bet is a Jazzy line of carriers offers good boutique items that aren't that much more expensive than top utilitarian crates and can sit comfortably (and fashionably) on your lap. (Recommended by's Franny Syufy)

Things to Consider

'''Main Choice:''' * '''Hard or Soft Shell''': Are you going to be holding the crate the whole time or it will have to sit and keep Fluffy in one place? ** '''Hard plastic''': Highly recommended. It's easy to clean, study, and simple. ** '''S''''''oft packs''': More comfortable for short trips. They are harder to clean, unless they have a removable liner, and are easy to tip over, unless they have good support. ** '''Cardboard''': Will do on occasions, but can't get wet and are prone to shredding. '''Other Considerations:''' ! * '''Size''' and '''capacity''': You need a carrier that actually holds Fluffy. Make sure to check the dimensions and the weight capacity. ** Fluffy should be able to stand up and turn around in the box. * '''Ventilation: '''Can Fluffy breathe? See outside? Both are musts. * '''Handles''': Will determine if you hate carrying it or not. Make sure it's comfortable to hold. Imagine yourself walking the airport with those straps pressing against your fingers. * '''Portability''': Can you strap this carrier into your car or will it have to sit on the floor? Is it approved to fit in an airplane? (Nothing bigger than 21"x16"9" generally.) * '''Locking:''' Make sure that Fluffy can't break out, but also that it's easy for you to close after (finally) succeeding in getting the cat in the carrier. * '''Openings''': Consider where the carrier opens (top, front or side). This can make or break your efforts to get your cat in the carrier. ** It's always easier to lead a cat into a carrier backwards, since their hind legs have more trouble resisting. ** Gullible cats will chase a favorite toy into the box. Try that before resorting to force. * '''Cleanup ease''': Imagine picking up an accident of the fluid variety, and see how well the carrier will facilitate/complicate the process. ** Put a '''towel or mat '''on the bottom of the carrier for comfort and easy cleanup. * '''Quantity''': How many cats do you have? Don't try to jam multiple cats into a single carrier you'll need one per cat. * '''Fashion''': If you want to start a trend by toting your cat with you everywhere (not recommended), you'll need a worthy carrier/accessory.

Additional Tips

* Don't feed kitty while it's in the carrier, unless you're on a long trip. You'd rather avoid clean-up, right? * Don't let Fluffy out of the carrier during car trips. Cats can get stuck under seats or, worse, interfere with driving. * Do leave a toy in the box.