Cat Toys Buying Guide

Cats absolutely need toys . You may be thinking, "I don't need to buy my cat toys . After all, they don't have toys in the wild." Think about it. Do you really want your cat's behaviour emulating that of a wild cat? Cats need toys to get out their aggressive hunting instincts. Investing in cat toys will prevent a lot of scratches; without cat toys, you are your cat's toy.

The Basics of Cat Toys

  • Never let your feline buddy play with small or sharp objects like paper clips ,milk  jug rings, dental floss ,ribbons , or yarn . Look for toys that cannot be eaten, choked on, or break off in small pieces. Don't let your cat play in plastic bags!
  • Interactive toys , such as a ball  attached to a stick on an elastic string, are a great idea for bonding with your cat. Make sure not to leave interactive toys around; cats can bite off the string and possibly choke on feathers.
  • Active toys , such as a bouncy ball , are awesome for high energy cats and kittens. Sick of your cat running high speed from room to room and leaping from shelf to shelf? Try throwing a bouncy ball. It might take awhile, but chances are your little ball of energy will eventually curl up for a catnap. Peace at last.
  • You don't have to spend a fortune on cat toys. Let your cat play in a paper bag with the handles cut off. They'll spend hours "hiding" in the bag. Other household items that make great cat toys are large shower curtain rings  (try connecting a few to create a chain), empty soda can  boxes, cardboard boxes (make sure there isn't any tape or staples on it), empty cardboard tubes from paper products , a long sock  with a knot in it (you have no idea how entertaining many cats find this) and ping pong balls .
  • Many cats enjoy a comforting toy to curl up with. Try giving your cat a stuffed animal  (make sure there are not any small pieces that could be chewed off and swallowed).!
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