Ceiling Lighting Buying Guide

Ceiling lighting, as its name suggests, consists of light fixtures and fittings that are suspended or attached to the ceiling.  Ceiling lights are suitable as task lighting for offices and kitchens. Some forms of ceiling light such as disco pendant lights and fancy ball lights are great for parties and bashes. Pendant lights are also a good option for adding a touch of class to a dull and dreary bathroom. 

Materials and Finishes

Bronze, brass, chrome, ceramic, iron, nickel, pewter and silver are some of the materials used in making the structure of ceiling lights, fixtures and lamps.  

Kinds of Ceiling Lighting

  • Chandeliers: These lights are very elegant and are apt for open spaces and large rooms. They come in different styles. The setting of the tubular hangings varies in each type. Beaded, antler, shell, metal, glass and crystal chandeliers are the basic kinds. 
  • Pendant Lights: If you feel chandeliers are too dramatic and over-the-top, then go for pendant light fixtures. These ceiling lights hang with a metal cord, chain or rod. They come in variants such as single light, three-light or five-light pendant lamps. They can either be downlight pendant lights or reversed/inverted pendant lights. They are very appropriate for kitchens as they provide focussed lighting. 
  • Recessed or Flush Mount Lights: These ceiling lights are attached into the ceiling and they are flush with the ceiling. 
  • Track or Down Lights: These lights focus on a certain spot within the location below. This is especially useful for security and safety lighting.  

Factors to Consider

  • Location to be lit up and the layout of the room play an important role.  
  • Power Source – battery-operated, electric lights. Consider the type of light bulb that is required. The switch type also varies in each lamp or light. Some even have a dimmer option. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Silver Disco Ball Light :

This disco ball is ideal for indoor parties and gatherings.

Leaf Scroll Tiffany Pendant Light :

This elegant light has golden leafy motifs. 

Glass Column Ceiling Light :

This is a stunning light fitting for an elegant look.

Quick Picks

Kafka Brass 3 Light Ceiling Fitting :

This graceful lighting has scroll details. 

Tilt LED Recessed Downlights :

These fixtures in gloss white colour are perfect for offices.

Firstlight Serena Crystal 5LT Chandelier :

This grand chandelier has 30% lead crystal droplets.  

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