Children's Books Buying Guide

Books  are a foundation for learning .  To introduce books to children  is to strengthen their literacy , heighten their imagination , and boost their confidence .

With a variety of books out there, it is necessary to sort out books by age group .  Each section of children's books  aims to foster different morals and educational  ideas appropriate to different levels of child development .

Infants and Toddlers

There is no age too young to begin introducing books .  Though adults will be reading  to toddlers , children love to absorb the knowledge of reading.   They begin to learn the basic concept of holding a book and turning pages  while learning how to use the imagination  to tell a story .

Popular among this age group are picture books ,nursery rhymes ,counting books ,touch and feel books , books introducing the colors , beginning ABCs , and bedtime stories .


Children 4-8 Years Old

These are the years that a child  begins to develop their foundations for reading .  Ranging from reading basic words to poetry , books for this age group span a broad range of literature .  Many morals and themes involved aim to help students acclimate to the new setting of school , focusing on individuality, creativity, and hard work.

Stories that teach basic vocabulary  and help a child learn how to read  are popular, as are books  that foster the development of further imagination  and knowing.


Children 9-12 Years Old

Elementary  school-aged children develop the need to know how things work, why they work, and where they come from.  Books for young adults  and pre-teens  aim to develop imagination while providing themes  (whether obvious or underlying) about socialization  and growth.

Science books  as well as stories with elaborate themes and plots become popular, as do books relating to particular children's interests .  Pop culture  also aims certain characters  and authors  to this independent age group.


Other Books to Consider

Audio Books 

Let children heighten their listening skills by checking out books on tape .

Comic Books 

Easy and fun for older children  to read on their own.

Foreign Language Books 

Children can learn a new language  in a fun and educational  way.


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