Children's Educational Software Buying Guide

Let's face it. Technology  is a huge part of children's lives these days.  Whether it be video games ,computer games , or television  programmes, they are hooked.  So why not make it worth their while?  Instead of wasting away brain cells, give them something educational  to go by.  Educational software  can provide a learning foundation for young children  and build upon learning skills  for older ones.  They will be having fun and getting something out of it.  And after all, that is what learning  is all about.    

Educational software  was created with learning foundations in mind.  Companies such as Creative Wonders ,Disney Interactive ,The Learning Company ,Leap Frog ,Scholastic , and Sesame Workshop  have all created games  meant to be fun while enhancing a broad or specific range of knowledge .

Nursery School: Ages 3-4

Young children are in the beginning stages of learning .  Concepts such as ABC's ,how things work , early number recognition ,counting ,music , and critical thinking  are all very important to early child development .  To enhance social awareness , children can play games with their favourite storybook characters , teaching morals and the value of friendships.    

Children will also be introduced to the computer  and be learning ideas such as pointing and clicking with the mouse , and beginning typing .  

Recommended programmes for this age group:

Language Arts



Early Thinking Skills

Building Creativity

Primary School: Ages 5-10

Educational software  for this age range will build upon the learning  that is already taking place in the classroom .  With these years being crucial for learning, it is important to enhance a child's knowledge base  or ways of thinking  by presenting outside reinforcements.  Since computer games  are popular with kids , this is the perfect way to promote imagination  and to study  subjects like geography ,history , math ,phonics ,reading , science , and spelling .   

Students  are building upon their basic computer knowledge  and exploring more in-depth technological  concepts.  They can begin to learn the process of opening and saving documents  as well as naming and understanding the basis of folders .  Typing skills  are presented and tweeked throughout these years as well, and it never hurts to continue to practice. 

Recommended programmes for this age group:

Language Arts



Social Studies

Art and Design

Secondary School: Ages 11-16

Educational software  for this age range aims to solidify previous studies as well as incorporate foundations for test-taking  and higher learning .  Programmes may cater to their independence, abilities to think critically, and foster maturity.    

With pre-teens  and teens  using the computer for social networking , many games often tailor this feature into their program.  Teens can chat  with other teens about their studies  or about their plan of action in many interactive computer games  or take up a new foreign language . 

Recommended programmes for this age range:

Test Preparation  

 Foreign Language

 Learning Resources


Creativity and Design

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