Chopsticks Buying Guide

Chopsticks, the traditional eating utensils of East Asian countries, are now widely popular the world over. When eating with them, it is best to use your thumb and finger to manipulate the two sticks into a triangle shape; this will help you to pick up any type of food including rice and sushi rolls. It takes a little bit of practice, but once you learn how to use chopsticks, you may never go back to regular utensils!


Chopstick Rests

Make Your Own Sushi

So now that you've mastered the use of chopsticks, are you ready to try making sushi right in your own home? It sounds difficult, but with a little experience and instruction you can be a master in no time. * Make sure you have a sushi mat, some seaweed (for wrapping up your fillings),veggies, and whatever fish or meat you plan on putting inside your sushi rolls.  *rice cooker. * Don't forget an apron so you won't make a mess of yourself in the process! To cook in style, try the Fashionista Vintage Apron. * For more specifics on making sushi, check out this site; it details the process for you very thoroughly.

Ready to Serve

Make sure you have these last few items to serve your meal.

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