Christmas Gifts for Gamers

Need a little assistance while you're Christmas shopping for your favourite gamer? Well, here's the good news: it's not that hard! An essential thing to know beforehand is their particular gaming console (unless you're buying them a new one) and what accessories they already have. The rest is as easy as pie! Below we have the top gift picks by console, as well as some helpful tips for you. Check out our Gifts for Gamers guide for more ideas.

Tips for Holiday Gift Buying for Gamers

  • Know your friend's console, if he/she already has one. Chances are it's not too hard to ascertain which system your friend uses (most gamers tell life stores about their favourite games and whatnot). Confirm that whatever you purchase is compatible with the specific console(s).
  • Ask if there are any games that he or she is dying to have; this might ruin the surprise but will guarantee a well-received gift.
  • If it's within your means, buying a much-desired console would be the best gift ever. Every avid gamer loves trying out new systems. Check out these popular consoles:

Top Gaming Gift Picks

For Nintendo Wii

Wii Charge Station 

There's nothing worse for a gamer than the annoyance of buying new batteries when their controllers die. This station will charge up to two remotes, keeping the fun uninterrupted.

Wii Fit Bundle 

Wii Fit is still a huge hit, and getting the bundle is the easiest and more affordable way to give your gamer everything they need to stay active, literally

Epic Mickey 

Epic Mickey is a much sought after title. Following Mickey into an alternate Disney reality, he is faced with some old cartoons of Walt's time that feel a little left out.

Wii Travel Case 

The Wii is a very light weight and compact system that travels well. Get your gamer a travel case so there are no accidents along the way.

Wii Memory SD 2.0 GB 

The Wii has limited built in memory so an SD card is a goldmine for Wii gamers; they can store additional saved files and virtual console games.

For XBox 360

Fable 3 

Fable 3 is the latest release in the RPG series, letting your character become King of Queen and rule the land of Albion.


Microsoft's move into the motion sensor world of gaming gave birth to the Kinect, which has a built-in camera and mic. No controller is needed, your body becomes the controller itself.

Fallout New Vegas 

Fallout New Vegas gives gamers an open world to explore in a post-apocalyptic Nevada. Your character, a courier, is trying to determine why he was shot and left for dead due to the package he was carrying.

XBox 360 Headset 

Every gamer needs a headset if they are playing online. It's a quick and easy way to keep in contact with friends and team-mates. 

Rockband 3 Guitar 

Though the new Rockband 3 guitar doesn't have buttons, it has actual strings you can strum, providing a more authentic guitar-playing experience.

Playstation 3

Playstation Move Starter Bundle 

The Playstation Move is Sony's new motion control addition for the PS3. Comes with a camera and wand.

PS3 Arcade Fighting Stick 

All the fighting game fans out there will tell you that these games were meant to be played with an arcade-style set-up.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 

Following a new Belmont, this 3D instalment of the series has you fighting your way through werewolves, vampires and ghouls to save Gabriel Belmont's wife.

PS3 Dual Charge Stand 

PS3 controllers are easily rechargeable and don't require batteries. This stand will charge two controllers at a time.

Call of Duty Black Ops 

The latest in one of the most popular first person shooter franchises of all time, Black Ops brings you deep into the Cold War era conflicts.


PSP Gear for Your Favourite Gamer

Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron Bundle 

This new entertainment pack has a white PSP and a copy of "Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron" so your gamer can get right to playing.

PSP Analog Stick 

An analog stick for the PSP is the key to getting a nice grip on the game. A must for the fan who needs a bit more control.

God of War Ghost of Sparta Limited Edition 

The newest God of War game comes to you in portable format. Gamers are all about limited editions, especially for franchises they truly love.

PSP Travel Case 

Keep that PSP safe and concealed with a travel case. Consider a case that can also hold extra games.

PSP Memory Pro Duo 4.0 GB 

Nothing is better than having additional memory to store saved games and other awesomeness.

Nintendo DS

Make Your DS Super Fancy

DS Lite Guitar Hero Stylus 

If your gamer loves rhythm based games, they might want a guitar hero stylus to help them rock out on DS.

DS Lite Travel Case 

The DS is already built to travel, but this case will keep everything in one place and prevent any unwanted scratches or nicks.

DS Faceplate/Skin 

If they are getting tired of their DS' colour, it's easy to change with a faceplate.

Final Fantasy The Four Heroes of Light 

The Four Heroes of Light is a Final Fantasy spin off in which a young boy is summoned to the King and sent on a quest to save the princess.

The Sims 3 

The popular simulation game is also available on DS, so you can take control of your Sim's lives and drive them towards success or imminent failure.


Starcraft 2 

Fans waited over 10 years for Starcraft 2's release, so for a PC gamer, it's a big deal. It is definitely a great choice for Christmas.

Ideazon Banshee Gaming Headset 

If your PC gamer is often playing with others, a headset will let them talk straight to their team-mates to work on strategies.

The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion 

The latest PC expansion for The Sims 3 brings back nightclubs, bars, vampires, and celebrities to the game.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm 

This is the third expansion for the biggest MMO of all time. The release is due on December 7th, so you'll have plenty of time to surprise them for Christmas.

Zboard World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Keyset 

Every gamer needs a gaming keyboard. This keyboard lets them set their own hotkeys for every game they play, so they can kick butt.

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