Christmas Gifts for Gamers

If the big day is approaching and you find yourself clueless on what to get for the game-lover in your life, look no further: ShopWiki's got you covered.  We have all you need to know to light up Christmas for everyone, from the casual to the most hardcore gamer. For more ideas, check out our general guide to buying gifts for gamers.

Who's the Lucky Gamer?

Here are some tips to help you out as you're budgeting: * Games for different systems cost different amounts, and some can run as much as $60.  Plan ahead.  * If there's a game that's been on the market a while, the price may have dropped.  Often when something hits the best-selling lists, the publishers give a discount as a thank you to fans. * If you end up getting a game for cheap and feel like you need to supplement with another reasonably priced present, consider accessories and prepaid cards.  These are always appreciated. * If you're buying an online game, verify that there are no monthly subscription fees like in Champions Online--the value of a gift goes way down if the recipient won't be able to use it without shelling hundreds of dollars per year.  You could always chip in for subscription fees, though. For information on each of the major systems, check the links below.  


Remember, you need to buy for the system that they own--if you get a PS3 game, it will only play on a PS3, and if you buy for Wii, it will only play on a Wii--so make sure you know what they have ahead of time. You can get some quick recommendations in our guides listed below, or you can head over to the list of upcoming games to find the newest titles for this holiday season. 

Stocking Stuffers

These options are inexpensive and are small enough to slide into a stocking.


If the aficionados in your life seem to have everything and you find gift cards to be too cheap, you still have one option for holiday gift giving: clothes! Avoid the Grandma present of polos or a nice sweater; instead, help them show their love for their favorite games and characters. The right t-shirt or hoodie will be appreciated for what it is: a cool gift that shows you were listening when they were bragging about their high score and achievements. You can also choose from wallets and bags, and belt buckles.  Not sure what sort of game your friend or loved one prefers in licensed merchandise from? Here are some foolproof classics to consider.  

Bigger Boxes

You could always get them one of the game systems themselves: for some deals on those, check the individual game system guides listed in the section above. Otherwise, these are great midrange options.   

Grandest Gifts

If you're going all-out this holiday season, then these are some prime picksthat are sure to get a big reception.

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