Christmas Trees

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree... but with so many different options, who even knows where to start?  The tree may be considered to be the most essential household decoration of the Christmas season. Your Christmas might be a dud if you don't find a tree that works with the rest of your decorations or your house. Let us help you figure out if spruce, pine, fir, or fake works best for you and what kind of Christmas tree accessories  are essential for the evergreen you choose.

Real Trees

You can protest all you want but there's nothing like a real tree for Christmas. The scent, the look. You can't buy that at Tesco. For those nature lovers who appreciate a full, live Christmas tree in the home instead of an imitation, try to get yours fresh from the tree farm or forest so that it will maintain its moisture, shape, and scent for a longer period of time.  Bundle up , get out your saw , and cut it down yourself... or just have someone do it for you.  Once it is home, make an effort to set the tree away from fireplaces or heating vents and be diligent in watering the tree; you do not want it to dry out and cause a fire. It's best not to get the tree too early or it will die before Christmas arrives. You also don't want to get to the tree farm too late and get stuck with the puny tree.    

Types of Trees

So which to choose?  There are so  many different types of Christmas trees  out there with different characteristics, prices, and availability.  Take a look at the most popular choices below to find the one that is right for your home!

  • The Firs:
    • Balsam Fir : Dark coloured and very fragrant, this medium-sized tree species grows in a natural pyramid shape with a spire-like tip at the top.
    • Douglas Fir : This very popular, sweet-smelling tree is shaped like a cone and will grow to be very tall and regal.
    • Fraser Fir :  This species has excellent needle retention and is very nicely scented; the needles turn upward, giving it a compact appearance.
    • Noble Fir :  Beautifully symmetrical and long-lasting, its blue-green branches will surely hold heavy baubles and lights.
    • Scottish Fir : This species is a lighter green colour and will stay fragrant throughout the holiday season; it will also hold a very nice shape.
  • The Spruces:
    • Blue Spruce : This blue-green tree is best for an ornamental landscape, as its needles can be very sharp.  It is often sold with the root ball attached so that it can be planted after Christmas. 
    • White Spruce : Growing abundantly, this species is very strong and sturdy, but has an unpleasant odour if the needles are crushed.
  • The Pines:
    • Scotch Pine : Often known as the "perfect tree", this species has a long-lasting scent and strong, sturdy needles that will stay on their branches for about four weeks.
    • Virginia Pine : This species may not be for you, as it only does well in warmer climates; the branches grow in a rogue direction, giving each tree a unique shape.
  • The Cedars:
    • Redwood Cedar : This species is aromatic and prickly, but holds an excellent shape for the season.

Artificial Trees

Artificial Christmas trees serve as a wonderful alternative to the real thing. Those with allergies may appreciate a faux tree, as well as those who seek the convenience of a nice, neat set-up with minimal fire hazards to worry about.  Some artificial trees  come in all-metal ; some come with a spinning trunk; some others have a solid wood tree trunk. The best part about the fake trees is that they're re-usable. They won't shed like real trees, they don't need to be watered, and once you're done you can put the up in the attic. There are also no worries about the environment. With the perfect Christmas tree at hand, simply assemble the "hook-in branches" every year and you are all set for the season.


It is not too difficult to find an artificial tree with a life-like shape and structure.  Light some pine scented candles  for the true effect!


Looking to add some holiday shine to the room this year?  Find a tree in sparkly gold  or silver , but do be careful with pets around.

Fibre Optic 

Take the hassle out of the holidays with a fibre-optic tree.  They come in a variety of colours, changing hues quickly for a unique light show!

Upside Down Tree 

Break tradition and find a tree with its own unique shape!  We have seen the upside-down tree around, perfect for delicate ornaments!

Pre-lit Tree 

Who really wants to string up all those lights anyway?  With a pre-lit tree, you never have to worry about the tangles again.

Tree Necessities for Everyone

Keep your home safe and clean during the holidays with the proper essentials for it.  You may want to invest in a decorative tree skirt  to accent the tree, as well as collect all of those falling pine needles.  Have fun decorating and be sure to pick up a Christmas tree storage bag  or container  to preserve that artificial tree for next year! 

 Tree Skirt 

A tree skirt will collect all of those falling needles along the way while adding a bit of style to your scene. It will make your cleaning job much easier and will save you time that could be spent wrapping gifts.

Tree Stand 

You will want to have your tree secured and safe, so a tree stand is the perfect option. Be sure you adjust it so the tree is firmly planted in the water, not crooked and off-balance.

Tree Mat 

Similar to a tree skirt, a tree mat will have a good rubber grip on the floor, ensuring that nothing moves anywhere.

Ornaments and Lights

What's a tree without a little décor?  Explore your options with baubles, crystal ornaments, and fun fairy lights! Personalized ornaments make for a very special Christmas.

Christmas Tree Storage 

For the artificial tree holders, be sure to pick up a great storage container for the off-season. You'll also need boxes to pack away any ornaments or decorations you may receive this year.

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