Cigar Accessories Buying Guide

While enjoying a smoke, alone or with company, at home or on vacation, there are several accessories you should consider purchasing. As a comfort and a luxury, a cigar should be surrounded by good company. While buying these accessories, you have an opportunity to showcase your style and class, but most of all, properly enjoy a smooth, intoxicating cigar. 

Humidor and Hygrometers

Your cigars need an adequate environment in which to live, and that means buying them the right humidor . If the air condition gets too dry or too moist, your cigars will suffer. It will dry out or absorb moisture until its moisture level is equal to that of its environment.

A humidor controls the relative humidity level, which is the amount of moisture in the surroundings compared with the total saturation. Ideally, this should be around 70% for cigar storage. To ensure your relative humidity, you need a hygrometer . 

The price of a humidor varies according to its craftsmanship, size and style. Desktop humidors  can hold hundreds or even thousands of cigars, while travel humidors  will hold less than fifty. However, a personal humidor , which ranges in size but is meant for the casual smoker, is most likely your best choice.

They range in price from fifty to several hundred pounds. But as with any product, an inferior, cheaply made humidor will cause more frustration in the long run than it may be worth. However, if you live in a climate with a natural relative humidity of 70%, the effectiveness of your humidor may not be as essential.   

  • A mahogany humidor is considered ideal, though not essential.
  • Spanish cedar lining will absorb moisture and ensure adequate relative humidity. It will also not alter the taste of the cigar.
  • The humidor's thickness should be at least 5/8 of an inch and should be solid and heavy.  

Proper Lighting Technique


For the purist, a cigar torch  or lighter  might be a preferable alternative to matches or tapers, which sometimes alter the taste of the cigar. There are several high-tech solutions to this problem, including the Blazer Pocket Torch ,Vector KGM , or a variety of flint lighters, including Zippo  and Salome .

Most of these lighters are refillable with butane . 

Cigar Cutter


Cigar cutters  are essential for enjoying a fine cigar. If you don't have a sharp blade, or you are relying on a scissor, you might damage your cigar. 

Xikar ,Credo  and Palio  all make quality cigar cutters. Usually, they come with some kind of unique wallet or bag. As with most accessories, find the one that suits your style. 

Cigar Ashtray

A cigar can leave quite a smoke trail, so it's important not to leave any other trails in your wake.

When choosing a cigar ashtray, you might consider the workmanship, the number of cigars it can hold (all cigar ashtrays have grooves for holding the cigars themselves) and the composition. Some popular types are crystal ,ceramic , or hardwood , or some mixture of the three. 


There are numerous types of cigar cases, ranging in size and makeup. Some are simply cases, and some are pocket humidors . Most hold two to three, some hold more. Some of the more popular types are leather cases ,wood cases , and cedar lined .

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