Classic Women's Perfumes Buying Guide

Looking for a perfume that generations of women agree on as being "classic"? Classics are the perfumes that have graced people's noses for years (at least 10 to be exact) and will continue to be on store shelves for years to come. If you don't already own a truly classic scent, consider making an investment!

The Early Years

These scents have been around almost a century and their famous presence is one you cannot argue.

Fifties and Sixties

These musky, floral scents were concocted in the mid to late 50's and early 60's.


These fresh scents came about in the late seventies and were designed for the working woman that could be strong and sexy at the same time.

Eighties and Nineties

The eighties were a very developmental time for perfume, as this was when the famed fragrance wheel (classification system for scents) came about. It is an easier way to identify scents and show relationships between the fragrance families. It is still prevalent in the fragrance market today and was slightly remodeled in 2008 to include more subcategories within the four main scents.

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