Guide to Cleaning Your Jewellery

If you're reading this article you already know that jewellery  is precious and pricey, so great care must be taken in cleaning it. Before you get started, it's important to know that different types of jewellery call for different methods of care. Anything you are unsure about should be discussed with a jeweller or a professional--it's not worth it to be careless. 

A Few Tips

  • Before you begin, make sure that no stones  are loose. If your stones are glued rather than set, you should be very gentle in cleaning. A set gem  looks like it is in a small metal claw; a glued gem sits on top of the metal without anything gripping it.
  • Never leave jewellery soaking in water or solution for long periods of time. Cleaning solutions  should specify how long to soak the jewellery.
  • RINSE your jewellery after using a cleaning solution. Any residue can eat away at the metal and ruin your piece.
  • Always dry off your jewellery after cleaning. This will prevent rust, tarnish, and damage from leftover cleaning products.
  • If your jewellery contains stones, they must be cared for differently. Metal cleaners  can be too harsh for some stones; ask a jeweller to recommend a method, or use a product that is intended for both metal and gems.
  • Be especially cautious with porous stones , such as opal . These can break, stain, and absorb products easily. Porous stones are often opaque, or solid in colour (rather than glassy and translucent).

Below are links to some of the more popular methods of jewellery cleaning. If you'd like more information about cleaning your jewellery, try the external links at the bottom of the page. 

Ultrasonic Cleaners 

Cleaning Solutions 
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