Clothing for Kids Buying Guide

Kids have a lot of options available in the world of fashion: they have their own stores that only sell clothing for childrenShortcake'>Strawberry Shortcake tee comes from, or if he just wants to make sure he has a Spiderman pajama set, you can pretty much stay within your budget fairly easily. Every child has his or her own style, but that can most of the time mesh with your sense of budget.

Questions to Consider

If you manage to wrest any control from your tykes, ask these questions of your children's clothing: * Will it take the abuse my child will put it through and come out clean and presentable? * Will it fit in 3 months? 6 months? A year? 3 years? * Is it durable enough (in strength and fashionability) to become a handdown? * Does my child think it's comfortable? * Will s/he be interested in wearing it in the future? * Is it versatile? * Is this age appropriate? * Is it worth the price? Other tips: * No rules are set in stone for how boys should dress versus girls. * Children often choose to express their identities through clothing. Listen up. * Tastes will change throughout the years, so do not get too worked up about any particular trend. * Read our

Boy's Clothing

Style Tips of the Moment

* '''Sporty''' is always fashionable and comfortable. ** Shirts from favorite
sneakers. * '''Preppy''' has gone mainstream. ** Your daughter can wear a skirt. ** Your son can dress up in a khakis. ** Don't be afraid of pastels and soft fabrics. * '''Urban''' clothes give your kid the hip-hop vibe. **baggy jeans keep your child stylin'. * '''Hip''' clothes change year to year. ** Your child could want dress just like the teenagers, except more modestly. ** Check out our Women's Spring Style Guide and extrapolate the styles for your daughters. *** This year is lacy, white, strong and hippie. ** Boys can take advantage of the continual march towards a male fashion sense. *** Don't be afraid to mismatch prints in formal wear. * '''Classic''' clothes can work as a great basic fashion layer. **girls jeans can work every day.

Seasonal Styles

* Read our guide for Back to School to make the fall transition easier. * This Halloween Guide is a perfect place to start your search for the scariest (or cutest) costume. * The Guide to Winter Clothes will keep your kids snug and warm this winter. * Want the cutest holiday card ever? Read our Holiday Clothes for Kids article and you can't go wrong.


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