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No article of clothing is as historic or as feminine as the dress . Sure, "dresses" sounds a lot like "dressing up" (just think about how many fancy events a girl attends as she grows up: dances, sweet sixteens, proms, weddings!) but really, there are dresses  for all occasions . You don't need to wait for the next big formal event to sport this stylish frock . There are enough sleek , sheer and sexy  options out there for you to explore. You can wear a dress  every day and still not look like the Queen!

Types of Dresses

Dresses , being one of the most popular garments  of all time, are far too multitudinous in style to be named briefly. Some designs , however, have stood the test of time and have remained popular (or have regained popularity) and are still around today! Let's take a look at some all time fan-favourites :

  • Sheath Dress: Picture a skirt that goes all the way up. Sheaths are normally tailored so that they form-fit the wearer. They usually have no sleeves or straps, so a snug fit is crucial!
  • Pinafore Dress: Americans call this dress  the "jumper ," and in the winter, these can be bundled with many layers for warmth. In the summer months, they're perfect for throwing on over a t-shirt.
  • Sun Dress: Made from light, breathable material and normally found in bright ,floral  or sunny patterns. Sleeveless. Cooling. Stylish. The sun dress is a classic.
  • Mini Dress: A dress  with minimal proportions: the risqué brethren of the maxi.
  • Maxi Dress: The older, more responsible cousin of the mini dress , the maxi usually comes in a full-leg length.
  • Wrap Dress: Popular across the globe and a staple of many cultures, the wrap dress  functions just like you'd think it would. A simple but elegant  look.

Dresses for Special Occasions

  • Gown: For dances, galas , balls, you name it, these frilly, shiny and ornate dresses will get the job done. 
  • Cocktail Dress: Reserved , streamlined, and semi-formal , the cocktail dress  leaves an impression without having to make too much of a splash.
  • Evening Gown: So important , it gets its own category in the Miss Universe pageant. Long, sophisticated dresses  reign supreme in this category.
  • Wedding Dress: The ultimate outfit for one of your biggest days! Wedding gowns are the most toiled over, focused on, and in all likelihood, important dress you'll ever buy. It's imperative to find the one that's perfect for you! 

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