Clothing for Boys


There is NO way your little guy wants to go out shopping.  Bringing boys to clothing stores is one of the most daunting tasks a parent can undertake, and we are here to help.  We recommend that you save yourself some time and energy by picking out all of those clothes on line.  All it takes is a tape measure ; figure out the numbers of his height, waist, chest, inside leg, and seat... and you are all set!    

Sizing Information

  • BOYS 4-7
    • These sizes typically fit preschoolers, but can span from ages 3-8 at times.
    • At this age, expect to find some unisex items, as boys and girls will often have the same measurements.  Items like overalls  and turtle-necks  will fit both genders in the same size.
    • The average weight of this size falls somewhere between 32 and 54 pounds.
    • The average height of this size is typically 39-48 inches, that is 99-120 cm. 
    • Small= 4, Medium= 5, Large= 6, and XL= 6X or 7 
  • BOYS 8-20
    • These sizes should fit the average grade school boys, roughly ages 7-13. 
    • Height can range from 48-68 inches, that is 120-172 cm.
    • Small= 8 or 9, Medium= 10-12, Large= 14-16, XL= 18-20 
    • A slim size is made for boys with a thin frame and body.
    • Waist sizes come as small as 21 inches (or 53 cm) in Boys' 8-20.
    • Slim sizes are available for boys of all ages.
    • A husky size is made for boy who may weigh more than what is average for their height. 
    • Sizes will accommodate up to a 35 inch (88 cm) waist.
    • Husky sizes are available for boys of all ages.

Clothes for Boys

Surely your little (or big) boy will need jeans  and t-shirts  at the least, but what about clothing for parties, holidays, and outdoor play?  We have guides to keep them covered no matter what the season or the occasion.  

Casual Clothing

Dress Clothing

Winter Clothing

Holiday Clothing

Shoes for Boys

We are here to give you some ideas on how to put his best foot forward at school or at play.

Athletic Shoes 


Dress Shoes