Clothing for Men

Most blokes don't give much thought to what they wear on a day-to-day basis. This might be because the dress code for men  is pretty simple --trousers ,shirt ,shoes , maybe a jacket  and tie  depending on your job. Not much need to fuss over whether your knee-high boots go with your brown skirt if you don't have either--that sort of thing is best left to the ladies, right? Well, chaps, there's still plenty of space to express your creativity through style, if you choose to do so.  Try a stylish belt or a snazzy pair of shoes to spruce up your wardrobe. Need more ideas? Check out all of the basics below.

To Wear On Top

Whether you're looking to wear a casual or professional shirt, we have guides and links for all your fashion needs.

Shirts and Ties

Make sure you have the best of what men's formal wear has to offer for any occasion by checking out this guide. And remember, a tie  doesn't have to match exactly with a dress shirt , as long as the colours complement each other.


Men's tees are great for causal wear and can sometimes be dressed up with a nice pair of pants. Polos  are a stylish variation on the t-shirt as they have a slightly dressier  appeal.


Jumpers come in many different styles and colours and also range in heaviness and composition. A light jumper  can be perfect for a chilly autumn day and a heavy wool style  will keep you warm in the winter months.

Sport Jackets 

Sport jackets are great accessories for casual to high-end occasions and they can also act as a coat in light, breezy weather. Consider getting a jacket in a nice, neutral tone so it will go with just about anything.


Having a few varied pieces of outerwear for your coat closet can come in handy no matter what the weather is outside. And remember, when trying on sizes, to make sure that your coat  or jacket  isn't too snug--you want to be able to layer underneath it.

Full Outfits and Bottoms

A stylish man needs to be prepared for any occasion--make sure you have the essentials!


Every man should have at least one suit in his wardrobe. It also helps if it is a staple colour such as black  or brown ; this way if you need an outfit last-minute, you will know that you already have something.

Fitness Apparel 

Having breathable and comfortable workout clothes  can make your exercise routine that much easier. Just be sure to stock up on multiple items if you plan to work out often.

Dinner Jackets 

Dinner jackets in black or navy blue are great for formalizing any occasion. Just make sure that when you are purchasing this item, you also have pants to match.


Probably one of the most important items to have plenty of in your wardrobe! Men's undergarments are pretty standard; style can vary a bit, but unlike women's underwear, the choices are pretty basic.


From corduroy  to denim  to khaki , make sure you have a varied selection of trousers in your closet. When trying on, be sure that the pair fits you comfortably and isn't too long at the bottom.


And now to complete your wardrobe: cool accessories! While you don't need all of these, one or two items can complete your outfit and make a statement in the process.


Whether you choose to wear these all year round or just during the summer, check out our guide to see what pair would best suit your style.


Whether or not you wear a watch is a matter of personal taste. Luckily, many watches these days are designed for casual or formal outfits, so they are great pieces to own that go with everything.


Add some character and flair to your ensemble with a stylish hat, or complement your t-shirts and trousers with a baseball cap .


The low rise look is not in for men, so make sure that you have a few nice belts to hold up your pants or trousers. Black  and brown  are great staple colors to have.


Whether you need dress shoes ,trainers  or flip-flops , this guide can help you find them. And remember it pays to invest in a nice pair of formal shoes; they can last you for many years to come, reducing the need for frequent shopping.

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