Coffee Makers Buying Guide

Second to staying in bed, drinking that morning cup of coffee is a most coveted crack-of-dawn activity. When fighting with the alarm clock is not an option, make sure you're geared up with the right coffee maker to get things brewing. These machines can be made out of a variety of materials and each brand will give you a different kind of brew and taste. Before you buy, also consider capacity and price. In the long run, if you are buying a good brand then you will be able to justify the price. Also, if you often have a lot of company over for coffee, then you might want a larger capacity maker as opposed to a coffee maker for one.

Common Coffee Makers

Coffee For One

Want a quick cup of Joe for yourself? Either the pod system or the K-Cup may be for you. Insert a packet, called a "pod," of pre-measured coffee into your machine, and out comes exactly one cup of fresh coffee. Some machines can also brew tea, if that suits your fancy. One drawback is the nuisance--and environmental unfriendliness--of throwing away individual pods. However, these quick brewers can be very convenient.

Quick Picks

If you scan any site that reviews and discusses coffee makers, you are sure to find the below brands on lists of stellar brewing machines. Check out one popular model from each brand to get an overview of features and what types of coffee makers are on the market.  

Ready, Set, Caffeinate!

Check out a few different types of roasts from around the world to pick out the new, flavorful brew to try next.

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