Coffee and Tea Sets Buying Guide

Relishing a cup of coffee or tea using one’s favorite coffee and tea sets can make the day lively and wonderful.

Coffee and Tea Sets Varieties

  • Tetsubins are antique Japanese coffee and tea sets made using cast iron.  They normally have geometric or organic decorative patterns.  They are part and parcel of a tea ritual called chanoyu.
  • Antique coffee and tea sets are favorites with collectors and are marked by distinct decorations and detailing.
  • Ceramic coffee and tea sets have a balanced shape and weight and hence look very graceful and elegant.
  • Turkish coffee and tea sets are made normally out of copper for offering strong black coffee.  They consist of wooden tray, ceramic mugs and brass jug.
  • Artisan coffee and tea sets are handmade, very unique yet affordable.  They are made by very skilled craftsmen and are available in glass, wood, ceramic and copper.

Caring, Storing and Handling of Silver Coffee and Tea Sets

  • Silver sets need to be stored dry in lower sulphur and humid conditions.
  • Harsh chemicals, polishes, detergents and soaps should not be used for cleaning them. Used specialized silver cleaning solutions. Somtimes, silver jewlery cleaners can be used as well.
  • Professional help from silversmiths can be taken for cleaning them and sometimes commercial silver polishes can be used especially when they have heavy tarnish.

Coffee and Tea Sets Brands

  • Nestle
  • Shark
  • Mason
  • Alessi
  • MAg
  • Lavazza

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Porcelaine Coffee Set from Westfalia :

The coffee set contains cups, saucers and side plates with fruit patterns.  

Tea and Coffee Set from Bryan Douglas :

The coffee set is a four piece silver set containing coffee server and cups and saucers. 

12-Pce Porcelain Tea & Coffee Set: 

This set features six cups and saucers in a striking black and white design!

Quick Picks

Alessi Bombé Tea and Coffee Set :

Designed by Carlo Alessi in 1945 this retro piece is a good pick for your collection.  

Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Bone China Tea Set :

This elegant white 3-Piece set consists of a tea pot, a sugar bowl and a small jug.


Victorian five-piece tea and coffee set on tray :

 The antique tea and coffee set is made of silver and adds an elegant touch to any tea party.  

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