Comfort Bikes

Comfort bikes may also be called utility bikes, cruisers, commuters, city bikes, hybrids, or granny bikes. The differentiation is in the style of the frame, and it's very slight. However, essentially, these bikes all serve the same purpose. They are designed for maximum comfort. They are what you would typically think of if your idea of bike riding is taking a sweet cruise around the treeBikes'>mountain bike). Nonetheless, they have several strong points that make them an ideal bike for many recreational riders. * You'll notice that the handlebars are not level with the saddle. That's because the top bar of the frame has been shortened significantly. Also, instead of being straight, the handlebars wrap towards the rider. Both features allow the rider to sit upright without slouching far down over the handlebars. * Big wheels and tires make for a smooth ride even if the road is a little bumpy. * A large, wide saddle means that your butt doesn't get sore. Plus, it is made with a shock absorbing post. * These bikes are easier to get on and off because they have lower bottom brackets. * Simple construction and few gears means that it's unlikely for things to go wrong with these bikes and if anything does go wrong, it won't be a big problem to fix it. * Chain guards are frequently found on these bikes. * Excellent for elderly riders. The following featured bikes were chosen by for being the best of 2006. You can see that commuters and cruisers are featured here. Cruisers are best for a casual bike rider, planning to ride once in awhile for recreational purposes. Those who want a bike for commuting (that they'll be spending a lot of time on) the commuters are designed to be lightweight and faster than cruisers.