Computer Components and Hardware Guide 

A personal computer  is made up of various kinds of hardware , that is the physical components onto which multiple kinds of software  can be uploaded to perform functions.  Though Macs  and PCs  come in many different types, each is composed of the same basic parts.    


The motherboard is the "body" of the computer, through which all other components interface.  

Power Supply

Power is supplied to the motherboard  and internal disc drives  at appropriate voltages.  They are designed to turn on and off using a signal, and provide support for modern functions such as the standby mode available in many computers.

Video Display

The video display controller  produces the output for the video display unit .  This will either be built into the motherboard  or attached in its own separate slot, in the from of a graphics card .

Removable Media

Text, numbers, pictures, and audio are converted into strings of bits and bytes.  By using removable media storage devices , this information is easily organised and stored. 


Internal Storage

This hardware keeps data inside of the computer for later use, and remains persistent even when the computer has no power. 

Sound Card

This enables the computer to output sound to audio devices , as well as accept any forms of input.  Many modern computers have a sound card  built into the motherboard , but it is common for a user to install another one as an upgrade. 


Many users like to be able to connect their computer to the Internet and/or to another network computer.  

Input/Output Peripherals

In addition, hardware devices include external components of the computer system.  These input/output devices are either standard or very common. 

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