Computer Games

Although home consoles have made a number of strides in recent years to match the power of computer gaming, PCs and Macs are still superior in terms of graphics and memory. The processing power, speed and intricate detail in hightouch snobs, while computer gamers dismiss console lovers as bourgeoise dupes. Console gamers whine that though PCs are more powerful than consoles, computers are lackluster gaming devices because they're not built specifically for gaming. Meanwhile, computer gamers laugh at console aficionados because they dump hundreds of dollars on hardware while they could be playing better games on the computers they already own. All prejudices aside, there's no reason gamers can't take advantage of both computers and consoles, and there's no denying there are certain genres in which computers serve gamers in far better ways than a console ever could. If you're into any of these types of games, save the money you planned on spending on a Computer Game Software guide. !

Getting Started

It's surprisingly easy to get rolling in PC gaming. Odds are, since you're reading this story, you've already got the most important piece of equipment the computer. Not all motherboards are created equally, however, so you may want to make sure your memory and processing speed are up to snuff. * RAM (random access memory) should be at least 64MB (megabytes), although many newer games require 128MB. * VRA, which is RAM used by the computer's graphics card, should be at least 32MB, and ideally up to 128MB. * CD ROM drives should be 12x or 16x speed for optimum gaming. * Invest in a decent computer speakers. * Make sure you have at least 3GB (gigabytes) of free hard drive space for games. Some higherOblivion'>Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, require 4.6GB open hard drive space. * For online gaming, a broadband DSL or cable modem connection is an absolute must. * Make sure you've got the right controller peripherals. Check out our buying guides on Gaming Keyboards. If your old clunker doesn't meet the above technical requirements, don't fret and think you need to buy a new computer. All of these are purchasable as upgrades.

Genres Owned By Computer Gaming

Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

The keyboard interface allows for all the hot keys and macros needed to control your army against the opposition. RTS games are frenetic, nonstop thrillrides that have you control various troops, ammunition and resources of an army while an opponent does the same to work against you. Those who think the quickest and smartest on the fly are the winners. One of the best RTS franchises available is Real Time Strategy guide. '''Western Role-Playing Games''' Though consoles are clearly the dominant force in roleplaying games guide.


Centered as much on social interaction as visceral thrills, the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RoleOnline'>Dungeons & Dragons Online. !

Simulation (Sim)

Also known as God games, these amazingly detailIV'>Civilization IV.

First-Person Shooters (FPS)

What you see on the gamescreen is what your character sees. You stride down the hallway with a gun and monsters and other enemies jump out from behind walls and also take you from behind. True visceral experiences that makes you feel as if you're really in the game, FPS titles fall flat on consoles because controllers lack the complexity of keyboards to provide full 360Person Shooters for PC guide.

PC Games

* Action * Action Adventure * Adventure * Arcade * Board Games * Driving * Edutainment * First Person Shooter * Flight Simulator * Puzzle * Real Time Strategy * Role Playing Game * Simulation * Sports * Strategy

MAC Games

* MAC Action * MAC Action Adventure * MAC Adventure * MAC Arcade * MAC Board Games * MAC Driving * MAC Edutainment * MAC First Person Shooter * MAC Flight Simulator * MAC Puzzle * MAC Real Time Strategy * MAC Role Playing Game * MAC Simulation * MAC Sports * MAC Strategy