Whether its prom  season, a wedding , or you're just looking for something festive, making your own corsage is a great way to flex your creativity. Making one for someone special is even nicer! Here's some tips on how to make your own corsage-

Basic Tools


You can buy either fresh or silk flowers to make your corsage. For a boutonneire you'll need just one, but for a corsage you might want more than one.  

Wire Cutters 

Cutters work much better than scissors due to their sharp edges. Use these to cut the flowers to the desired length. 

Floral Wire 

You can use wire for all different purposes-supporting the flowers, making bows, holding the flowers together, etc. 

Baby's Breath 

These little white flowers are a perfect accent for whichever main flower you choose to use. Hold them to the corsage using floral wire.  

Hot Glue Gun 

If you don't want the extra weight of wires, then a hot glue gun will securely hold all the elements of your creation together. Also, this tool is great to having lying around your hosue for other crafts.  

Floral Tape 

Use this tape to wrap the stems completley for a polished and finished look. 

Corsage Ribbon 

Add a pretty bow or ribbon to the corsage in order to make it a bracelet suitable for wearing. Also, you can use the ribbon as an extra accent.

Corsage Pins 

Use these corsage pins to fasten the flowers to your lapel or dress. They are much nicer than safety pins! 


You can attach the corsage to a wristlet if you prefer to wear the flowers on your wrist instead of pinned to your pricey gown. 

Color Schemes

All sorts of flowers in a variety of colors can be used in corsages. Here are a few things to think about-

  • You should try and buy flowers to match what the recipient will be wearing
    • For men, a white or red rose boutonierre is standard. If you know the color of his vest, however, you can try and match it.
    • If you have no idea what the recipient will be sporting, then a white flower is always classic. Here are a few other ideas:
      • Choose his or her birth flower. Check out our Birthday Gift Guide for a chart of these.
      • Get to know the recipient's favourite type of flower and use that
  • Think of how the colors that you choose will blend together
    • Monochromes are subtle and less distracting. Think about using a white flower and then some shades of green to pop it.
    • Contrasting colors are a bold choice, but still fun and unexpected.
  • There are many different shades of green. Try to stick with coordinating ones.

Corsage Styles

  • Make sure to lay out a plan before you start. If you're not happy with the outcome, you can always reassemble and then get to work.
  • Consider where the recipient will choose to wear the corsage and make sure it's appropriate.
  • Think about the recipient's size. If a small framed woman has a huge corsage on, she will look rediculous.

Lapel Corsage 


Three-Flower Corsage

Wristlet Style