Basic Tools

Color Schemes

Note that all sorts of flowers can be used to make different color combinations. When selecting the flowers, there are a few things to consider.
* Buy flowers that will match what the recipient will be wearing.
** Usually for men, a red or white rose boutonniere is simple, but if you know the color of the man's tie, you can try to match the flower color to it.
** If you don't know what the person is wearing you can choose a simple white flower, which often matches everything, or try some of the following ideas.
*** Choose the recipient's birth flower. See the Birthday Gift Guide for a selection of flowers by birth month.
*** Choose a corsage that features the recipient's favorite flower.
* Think of the harmony of the colors that you choose.
** Monochrome colors are less distracting and very subtle, such as choosing all white flowers and a very pale shade of green to make them stand out.
** Contrasting colors make a bold statement and are fun and festive.
* Not all greens are the same. Choose from ivy, ferns, leaves, herb sprigs, and even pine.

Corsage Styles

* Before cutting anything or assembling, make sure to try a few different layouts to see what you like best. Sometimes you'll find that experimentation will get you a better result.
* When choosing a style, be sure that you know where the recipient will wear it; on a lapel, dress, wrist, hat, neck, or hair.
* Consider the recipient's size. More flowers are not always better. Women with a small frame shouldn't have a five flower corsage that will overwhelm their dress or wrist.