Cowboy and Riding Boots Buying Guide

flat heel as well.

Types of Riding Boots

* '''Tall Boots''': These riding boots cover the knee and end just below the knee. The different types of tall boots available include field boots, dress boots and hunt boots. * '''Field boots''' are choices in all jumping disciplines, including show jumping and fox hunting.  * '''Dress boots''' do not contain cords at the ankle. * '''Jodhpur boots, are small boots that cover the ankle and are suitable for everyday use.  * '''Cowboy boots are made from the flat skin of the cow.  

Materials Used in Making Riding Boots

*synthetic leather. * Elastic or cushion soles  in these boots provide you the utmost comfort while riding. * There are riding boots with stirrups or laces. * You can also choose boots with removable insoles or orthotic soles based on your preference.   * Riding shoes with collar give a finishing touch to the attire.  


* Ariat * Harley Davidson * Mark Todd * Mountain Horse * Oxford

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