Cowboy and Riding Boots Buying Guide

Riding boots are specially designed to be worn by horse riders. Riding boots prevent the foot from slipping through the stirrup. These boots generally have a high heel, but now they come with flat heel as well.

Types of Riding Boots

* '''Tall Boots''': These riding boots cover the knee and end just below the knee. The different types of tall boots available include field boots, dress boots and hunt boots. * '''Field boots''' are choices in all jumping disciplines, including show jumping and fox hunting.  * '''Dress boots''' do not contain cords at the ankle. * '''Paddock boots''': These boots, also known as Jodhpur boots, are small boots that cover the ankle and are suitable for everyday use.  * '''Western boots''' also known as Cowboy boots are made from the flat skin of the cow.  

Materials Used in Making Riding Boots

* Leather: Riding boots are ideally made from smooth leather, but they are also available in vinyl and synthetic leather. * Elastic or cushion soles  in these boots provide you the utmost comfort while riding. * There are riding boots with zips, stirrups or laces. * You can also choose boots with removable insoles or orthotic soles based on your preference.   * Riding shoes with collar give a finishing touch to the attire.  


* Ariat * Harley Davidson * Mark Todd * Mountain Horse * Oxford

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