Cricket Accessories Buying Guide

Cricket accessories  are important investments for any cricketer; be it an amateur cricketer or a well trained professional cricket player. 

Standard Cricket Accessories

  • Cricket Bats : They are generally made of willow . The bats should not be too long or too heavy to hinder fluent stroke play. You should choose the correct size of cricket bat that suits your height.  
  • Cricket Balls : They are manufactured from a core of cork layered with tightly wound string. They are covered by a leather case with a slightly raised sewn seam. There are two types of cricket balls used in playing matches.  
  • Batting Pads : They are designed to protect the legs of the cricketers while playing. Batting Pads should be comfortable to wear and should suit your style and stance.Consider the measurement while buying pads the (approximate distance down to the instep from the middle of the knee cap)
  • Batting  and Fielding  Gloves:They help in protecting your fingers from injury. Each finger of the batting gloves should carry flexible padded areas.
  • Wicket Gloves:  A wicketkeeper is responsible for watching each and every ball, taking crucial catches, stopping byes, effecting stump outs and even encouraging his entire team members. Hence, he has to be comfortable. While purchasing wicket gloves, make sure that the fingers of the gloves are stuffed with flexible padded materials.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Adidas Howzat Cricket Shoes :

This supportive and durable pair is ideal for all weather conditions.

Heavyweight cricket Bails :

Heavy bails are ideal for windy playing conditions.

Gunn & Moore Spingbak Cricket Stumps :

This is welded onto a solid cast iron base.

Quick Picks

Gunn and Moore Cricket Bat Tape :

Tape this on to protect the edges of your cricket bat.

SG Cricket Elbow Guard :

This is made of PVC foam front that can be wiped clean.

Gray Nicolls Predator Cricket Helmet :

This helmet has a unique air-flow design.

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