Cricket Balls Buying Guide

There is nothing quite like catching a cricket ball up in the air when fielding and hitting a six out of the cricket ball when batting. Accuracy in bowling and batting is achieved through high performance cricket balls .  

Cricket balls  are made from a core of cork layered  with tightly wound string and covered by a leather  case with a slightly raised sewn seam. For men’s cricket  , the ball must weigh between 155gms and 163.50gms and measure between 8 13/16 and 9 in circumference. Balls used in women’s  and youth matches are slightly smaller. 

Types of Cricket Balls

Mainly two types of cricket balls are used in playing matches  

  • White Cricket Balls : These balls were introduced when one day match began being played at night under floodlights, as they are more visible at night. But now, they are even used in one day matches that are not played at night. Compare to red ball, this white ball deteriorates more quickly but swing  a lot more during the first half of the innings.

For training  or practice  matches, white, red and pink cricket balls  are in common. Wind balls  and tennis balls  can be used for training or unofficial cricket matches. 

Popular Brands

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Gunn & Moore Clubman Cricket Balls Senior :

GMs range of cricket balls conforms to MCC regulations and handmade.

Stats Foam Cricket Bat and Ball :

Made in a realistic wood grain design, this cricket bat and ball ensure safe play.

ECB Cricket Ball Magnet :

This seam design red colour ball is made from PVC material.

Quick Picks

Morgan's Red Leather Cricket Balls :

With ball weighs 5 ½ oz, these balls are genuine leather and match quality.

Readers All Play Cricket Balls :

This tennis ball with cricket style seam is light weight practice ball.

PAUL SMITH Multi Stripe Cricket Ball :

These balls are multi stripe leather cricket balls with golden rabbit and waxed cream stitching.

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