Cross Trainers Buying Guide

Looking for a fitness equipment to lose your weight, go for cross trainer   for men  and women . It tones your upper body and legs at the same time, while flexing your stomach and sides with gentle twisting movements. Cross trainer let you to alter resistance to push your fitness training further. This exercise machine  can give you many benefits and deliver a great cardio-vascular workout without putting strain on your joints.  

Types of Cross Trainers

Mainly, there are two types of cross trainers 

  • Belt  – ideal for basic work-out and a simple routine.
  • Magnetic  – This magnetic cross trainer, quieter than belt versions, offers more resistance programmes. They provide more training levels to increase your fitness.

You can even look out for tension levels , as this indicates the number of levels of resistance, the cross trainer has with some going up to 75.  

Cross Training Shoes

Cross training shoes  are functional and versatile and good choice for those who enjoy participating in a variety of sports or varying workout routine. Key features of these shoes are:multi-purpose outsoles ,low-profile midsoles  and durable , breathable uppers . 

Light weight  cross training shoes are the most versatile shoes available and meet the basic comfort, cushioning, stability and durability requirements of many popular sports and activities. They have fairly durable outsoles made up of carbon rubber  or a combination of carbon rubber and blown rubber. These shoes offer moderate amount of cushioning, primarily at the heel and forefoot of the shoe.  

Popular Brands

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Kettler Verso Cross Trainer :

This is a compact elliptical trainer with several programmes including pulse control programme.

Tunturi Cross Trainer :

This electromagnetic resistance system enables smooth movement.

Confidence Elliptical Cross Trainer with Computer :

Made with high-quality construction, this system burns 5 times more calories than walking.

Quick Picks

Marcy elliptical cross trainer :

It features 8 levels of manually adjustable resistance and works both the upper and lower body.

TrimMaster Elliptical Cross Trainer :

Enjoy a smooth elliptical movement and silent operating system with this E118 cross trainer.

Reebok -Cross Trainer: 

This stylish and sturdy constructed cross trainer offers 37 programmes.

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