Timber Doors Buying Guide

Timber doors are practical, sturdy and durable choices for a home. Timber has to be treated to repel insect attack and decay. Timber doors are ideal for long-term use and should be chosen after considering factors such as thickness, climate and finishes. Timber doors can be used for entrance doors, garage doors and interior doors as well. 

Construction of Timber Doors

  • Hollow core doors have frames which are covered with thin veneer on both sides.  Timber (solid) strips run near the edges and also set at a particular height on single door side where handle and lock would be fitted.  These doors are cheaper and can be installed easily.  They can have various types of in-fills. But they might not be very effective when it comes to absorption of sound.
  • Panel doors are also called rail and stile doors and are made of various solid timber panels in different shapes and sizes.  The panels can have a parallel arrangement.  The grooved frame of panel doors are fitted with panels (thin) of pine, oak, beech or mahogany.  The panels are held securely using mouldings.  The number of panels and size would depend on the door size requirement.
  • Flush doors are made using hardwood veneer sheets (thin) over solid wood core, particle board or fibreboard.  The door is stabilised and prevented from warping using veneer.  Decorative panel applications can improve the face veneers.

Material Types

  • Walnut
  • Alder
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Mahogany

Tips for Selecting Timber Doors

  • Treated timber doors are protected well from insect attack, decay and environmental damage. 
  • You can choose the type of finish based on the climate condition and exposure to humidity levels.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Meranti Timber Exterior Door :

This door has an insulated glass unit.  

Georgia Hardwood Exterior Door :

This is a quality, hardwood door.  

Minster Oak Veneer Exterior Door :

This door uses wood and real wood veneers.  

Quick Picks

Mahogany Timber Door-Carroll :

This is a single-glazed, exterior door. 

Malton Glazed Hardwood Exterior Door :

This door has decorative, etched glass. 

Kent 8 light Mahogany Timber Door :

This is a door with bevelled, clear safety glass. 

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