MeasuringTapes Buying Guide

Measuring tapes come in a wide variety of lengths depending upon the task performed. They are helpful in landscaping and other home based tasks. 

Kinds of Tapes

Tape Measures: Ordinary tape measures are sufficient for home tasks. They are made of heavy duty design and are highly durable. These tapes feature a soft grip and impact resistant case. These tape measures are provided with extra thickness and a 3 rivet tip with wrap around reinforcement. They are provided with additional features such as blade lock and automatic blade return. 

Surveyor's Measuring Tapes: Surveyor measuring tapes are a little expensive but their quality and design compensate the cost. They are made of multiple strands of fibreglass coated with PVC. These tapes are water and crease resistant making them long lasting. They come with tough steel case with vinyl coating. They are perfect for EPC surveys or can be carried as back-up and spare. 

Measuring Tapes with Calculator: These type of measuring tapes are provided with a small eight digit calculator and a writing pad on their sides. You can easily make quick sums especially in square metres and you can jot them down, before you forget them. They are provided with a white LED light for reading tape in poor lighting conditions.  

Rubber Coated Tape Measures: Rubber coated tape measures are designed to meet all the relevant metric and imperial graduations. They are provided with rubber coating for offering you additional grip and comfort. When you are not using these tapes, you can store them using the metal belt clip fitted in them. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

No.1 DAD Tape Measure :

the rubber coated tape measure is ideal for gift giving especially to your father.

Draper Tape Measure :

The draper tape measure is a 5m one with a good grip and plastic case.  

Official England Tape Measure :

The official England tape measure is especially made for the English Football fans.  

Quick Picks

Forge Steel Tape Measure :

The forged steel tape features a strong, durable blade with a flared end hook.

Stanley 5m Tape Measure :

These essential tape measures are for every DIYer and professional and they are durable options.  

Faithfulll Tape Measure :

The measuring tape features metric markings and a spring steel blade that is nylon coated.

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