DIY  Riveters and Rivets Buying Guide

Rivets are used to pass through holes to hold metal pieces or plates together firmly and securely. They are considered as one of the best fastening tools available. 

Kinds of Riveters and Rivets

Hand Riveter Kits: Hand riveter kits are easy to use and are pretty heavy in hand. These riveter kits come with assorted rivets, nozzle wrench and plastic carrying case which make them handy and useful. These riveter heads are capable of operating 90° or 180° and have chrome molybdenum jaws with four nozzles to accept 2.4, 3.2, 4.0 and 4.8mm aluminium alloy blind rivets. 

Tong Riveters: Tong riveters are strong and sturdy in design. Their heavy construction make them durable and long lasting. These heavy duty tong riveters are designed for one handed operation which are easy to use. They are capable of riveting rivets of diameters 3mm, 4mm and 5mm efficiently. They are helpful for maintenance jobs and are easy to set up and use. 

Heavy Duty Riveter Kits: Heavy duty riveter kits function as standard riveters and are capable of transforming into heavy duty riveters for any situation where heavy duty riveting is required. They are designed in a manner to suit both nut rivets and bolt rivets. These heavy duty riveters are capable of handling up to 12mm rivets. They are also provided with extendable arms for extra leverage. 

Aluminium Rivets: Aluminium rivets come as a pack of  rivets of various lengths and diameters. They are considered as fastening tools well suited for secure fixing from one side. These aluminium rivets are easy and fast to use. They are economical, cost effective, durable and long lasting. 

Riveter for Plastic Rivets: These riveters are designed exclusively to suit plastic rivets and are of expert quality. They accept plastic rivets of size 6.6 x 17.2mm, 6.3 x 25.2mm, 5.0 x 17.2mm and 5.0 x 15.8mm. These riveter sets are supplied with sufficient amount of assorted rivets. These riveters are suitable for securing interior trim panels on most vehicles without damaging the surface and they are of compact size to access confined working areas. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Print Riveter kit :

The riveter kit consists of exchangeable nozzles, chrome molybdenum jaws and rubberised handles in a sturdy cast construction.  

Size 13 Rivet setter and 50 Copper Rivets  :

The rivet setter and copper rivets enable you with easy assembling of objects by fastening them securely. 

Lazy Tong Riveter :

There are five nozzles in the tong riveter made of heavy duty carbon steel lattice featuring an enamelled die-cast aluminium grip.  

Quick Picks

Defilock White plastic rivet  :

The white plastic rivet has a permanent one way feature.  

Draper 2 Way Hand Riveter Kit :

These hand riveter kits are for standard operations that allow for two way access.  

Faithfull Heavy Duty Riveter Kit :

The heavy duty riveter kit enables easy maintenance and is  used in versatile apllications.  

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