DIY Hardware Washers Buying Guide

Washers are thin plates, usually disk shaped, with a hole in the centre. They are generally used, to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, as locking devices or to reduce vibration. Washers are available in different styles and designs and are usually designed for different functions and are manufactured differently. 

Materials and Kinds of Washers

  • Steel Washers: Steel washers are made from high quality raw materials. They are manufactured to perfection and with high attention to detail. Steel washers are available in packs containing an adequate amount of washers. They are available in flat and spring models.
  • Stainless steel Washers: Stainless steel washers are made from high quality raw materials and are rust resistant. They are highly durable and long lasting. Stainless steel washers are available in models such as flat washers, special washers, external tooth lock washers, internal tooth lock washers, special combination washers, wave spring washers and industrial washers.
  • Rubber Washers: Rubber washers are ring-shaped and used in mechanical devices. They are typically used to prevent vibration from spreading towards other parts, reducing the noise level. They are available in mini packs and in assorted sizes.
  • Tap Washers: Tap washers help in preventing constant dripping and loss of water. They find use in kitchen sinks, bathroom and toilet taps. They are very easy to replace; it takes some minutes. Tap washers suitable for hot water taps are also available separately. Hot water washers are designed particularly to suit hot water taps. They are used for easy and effortless wash. These washers come in models with springs and with rubber balls inside, which greatly facilitate the turning of taps on and off. These kinds of washers are particularly useful for people suffering from arthritis.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Stainless Steel Washers :

These washers are available in sizes 19mm or 16mm. 

Straight Tap Connector + Washer :

This can be used for central heating piping.

Silverline Rubber Washers :

This pack of 120 washers comes in an organised case. 

Quick Picks

Rubber Shower Flex Washer :

this washer suits standard shower hoses. 

Kart Rubber Washer :

This 6mm x 20mm is used to fix floor trays & Nassau panels. 

Stainless Steel Spring Washer :

This washer is free of hexavalent chrome and comes in a pack of 1000.

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