Spray Paints Buying Guide 

Spray paints are easy to work on, and the finished effect will give a look of completion to your entire home or any hone project.

Types of Spray Paints

  • Metallic Spray Paints: Metallic spray paints can be used to give a glowing effect. The prince of the paint is based on the colour you choose.
  • Latex Spray Paints: Latex spray paints are useful by the fact that they dry quickly and allows application of the second coat in less time.
  • Graffiti Spray Paints: The Graffiti spray paints are similar to the metallic and latex spray paints, but you cannot expect the same finishing effect.
  • There are also many other types of spray paints such as enamel paints, marking paints and flat or satin paints.

Accessories used with Spray Painting

  • Ceramic Wall Tile Adhesives: This adhesive can be used for multiple purposes on your house, as this is water resistant glue. It can be used on all types of ceramic tiles, and other tough and hard surfaces.
  • Tile Cleaner: If you are going to paint a heavy rusted or dusted zone, you have first use the tile cleaner liquid on them, before applying the paint. This liquid is generally very concentrated and thick, so you can dilute to a real considerable extent before using it on floor. You can use this liquid on natural stone such as porcelain, ceramic, cement pavers, linoleum, terra cotta and saltillo. It is easy to use this liquid and the results can also be attained effectively.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Quick Drying Tile Spray Paint :

The tile spray paint is quick drying and has a long lasting effect with gloss finish. 

Plastikote Tile Paint Aerosol Spray Paint :

The spray paint is tough, scratch resistant and smooth for all tile surfaces.  

HG Plastic Paint & Wallpaper Intensive Cleaner :

The intensive cleaner is an all purpose cleaner for paint and plastic works.  

Quick Picks

Solvite Mini Wallpaper Repair Adh :

The solvite mini wallpaper adhesive repairs tears and lifted corners in wallpapers.  

No Nonsense Fluorescent Spray Paint :

The rich fluorescent colour comes out beautifully in this spray paint.   

All Purpose Spray Paint :

The all purpose spray paint can be used on tiles, glass, metal and even stone surfaces.  

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