DVD Burners

DVD burners are a great tool, especially if you want to edit home videos. They are also good for burning music and movies, plus, not only can you use them to create and copy CDs and DVDs but they also act as a media player to watch and/or listen to them with. So how do you choose which type of DVD burner to get? Basically, more features and a faster speed are directly correlated to price. Instead of using a price as a measure, really what you need to look at is whether you want internal or external first. Then below you can learn more about speeds, file format compatibility, and popular models.

Types of Burners

* Be aware that DVD burners, also called DVD recorder article if you would like to know more about them.

Internal DVD Burners

External DVD Burners


Not all DVD burners can read the same formats. Your most basic models, such as a LightScribe Snaz up your DVDs without wasting money on amateurish peel and stick labels.  LightScribe DVDs.

All About the X

What exactly does the X mean? Like with CD burners, this is the measurement of how fast a DVD burner can read, record, write, play, etc. 1X is the slowest (taking from an hour to an hour and a half to record a DVD), and home media use.

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