DVD Minisystems

DVD minisystems are the next best thing when it comes to integrating home audio and video. Also known as a DVD microsystem, these impressive machines are like an audio-shelf system or CD minisystem in shape, size and design, but they offer one significant difference. Instead of playing just CDs and tapes like the ordinary minisystem, they play DVDs! So you get a compact device that consists of two detachable speakers and a central media unit that enables you to play CDs, MP3 discs and DVDs. You can also use the AM/FM radio tuner. Some models come HD radio ready and with Satellite Radio. You can even hook up your MP3 player or iPod up to a DVD minisystem. These units are ideal for a variety of situations. * Stuck with a tiny space? In limited spaces, such as in a bedroom, kitchen, office, small apartment or dorm, a DVD minisystem would integrate seamlessly since it saves so much space. However, the speakers are pretty strong so the sound can fill a medium size living room as well as it does a small room. * Technologically handicapped? There are no connections or wires to deal with. * Move often, or going away to college? These all-in-one solutions are extremely portable. * Own a TV but no CD or DVD player? No need to buy two systems with a DVD minisystem. * Don't want to buy a whole set of speakers and other components to enjoy the benefits of a home theater system? DVD minisystems are complete and affordable. The only drawback on these new innovations is that they haven't yet been combined with DVD recording capabilities. That means that you can watch and listen but you can't copy. If you like recording TV and movies, maybe you would prefer a DVD recorder.