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Even seasoned bakers require various cake decorating tools for creating perfect cakes. When a chef’s creativity combines with the right type of cake decorating tool, the outcome is definitely an artistic delicacy. 

Types of Cake Decorating Tools

  • Parchment cones, tips and tubes will help in completing the artistic designs on the cake. Frosting brush and coupler are also necessary for the perfect icing process and to change the decorating tip of the cone. Other essentials include spatulas, turntable, pastry accessories and pastry bags.
  • Standard metal and rubber spatulas can be used for smoothing out the icing base coats. Metal blades that are slightly bent are perfect as they do not apply direct pressure on the surface of the cakes. For cupcakes, smaller spatulas are ideal.
  • Turntables are chosen for producing excellent frosting finish. Cakes are rotated while holding the spatulas above them directly for sweeping the cake in a continuous movement.
  • Washable pastry bags are used for cake decorators who need them often, while disposable pastry bags can be chosen for one time decorations. It is better to choose washable pastry bags made out of cotton, canvas, plastic or nylon with inner coating to avoid leaks.  Lightweight ones are handled easily.
  • Pastry tubes and tips are available in different styles and sizes that they can be used for decorating magnificent designs on cakes. Normally rounded tips and tubes are used for lines and letters, star tubes for shells and stars and for flowers petal, rose and leaf, tubes are chosen.
  • Pastry bags with couplers can be chosen to attach various tubes or tips and avoid the use of many pastry bags for decorating cakes.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Jem Tool Set :

You can decorate the edges of cake boards covered with fondant.

Pastry Tubes :

Made of polycarbonate, these tubes are strong for creating professional decorations.

Silver Plated Knife and Cake Slice :

You can engrave alphabets or characters on this knife and slice set.

Quick Picks

Tilting Icing Turntable :

This table will let you can retain complete control when icing or decorating a cake.

Decorator Brush Set :

It is perfect for smoothing icing striping bags and painting candy mold details.

Piping Tubes Polypropylene :

This set includes varying sizes on star shaped icing tubes.

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