Decorating Tools Buying Guide

Decorating your house could cover a whole range of activities like wall painting, wall papering, woodwork, hanging up pictures, gardening, etc. Decorating your house is a very fulfilling project but sometimes the physical strain can get to you. Using the right tools while you are working can reduce the strain.

'''Painting Tools'''

The main tools for a good paint jobs are * Paint brushes and rollers in different sizes to apply paint on the wall evenly. *sand papers are also used to smooth painted surfaces.

'''Wall Papering Tools'''

Wall papering tools consist of * Wall papering trimming wheels for cutting or trimming wall paper. * A plum Bob to maintain a straight line with a wall paper. *adhesive uniformly. * Steam rollers to help you affix the wall paper to the wall evenly without creases or air pockets.

'''Wood Decorating Tools'''

Wood Decorating tools that are required to achieve a good finish are: * Chisels to smooth out a rough corner, redefine a design, fix a joint or balance a wobbly piece of furniture by evening the height of the legs. * Sand Paper of different grits to smooth out wood surfaces enough to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grains. * Pressure sprayers to spray treat any wooden surface either with base colour or varnish. * Flexible caulkers to help fill cracks easily in wood.

Other Decorating Tools

There are other common tools that are essential while decorating like a strong step stool or ladder, dust covers to protect other surfaces, power tools.

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