Decorative and Novelty Lighting Buying Guide

Planning to throw a party? Decorative lights can ‘brighten’ up any special occasion. You can illuminate your home interiors particularly during festivals and parties. These versatile lights can add plenty of cheer to the ambience if hung strategically and safely. You can make use of these not just for special occasions, but for permanent lighting on your patio or front porch.  

Types of Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting comes in endless styles and designs. There is always a decorative light to suit your party theme. These novelty lights can be either tied by a simple string or hung to the ceiling or even simply placed on the floor or your coffee table.  

  • Rope Lighting: It comes broadly in four different types - standard rope lights, energy-saving LED rope lighting and mini 12V rope lighting for cars and boats. To match your specific length and quantity specification, these rope lights are even offered in custom-made kits.  
  • Special Event lights: Decorative lights for special events also include professional bubble machines, fog machines, mirror balls, strobe lights, black lights and even it-up palm trees. 
  • Glow lights: These battery-operated lights can be placed anywhere in your house – on a tabletop or your garden. These too come in an infinite range of structures from bunny rabbits and gnomes to fireflies and angels.  
  • Revolving Lights: These revolving lampshades have to be placed on top of your lamps. Revolving from the warmth of the bulb, spin shades have varied patterns on them with themes that are ideal for kids, a season or even a sport.  
  • Others: Christmas light-up stars, light-up flowers, garlands lights, icicle lights, and glowing lanterns.  

Other Factors to Consider

  • Style, design and layout of the room? 
  • Location – patio, living room or garden? 
  • Purpose – party or home decor? 
  • Power Source – battery-operated or electric lights? 


To simplify your decorating efforts, makers of decorative lights also supply accessories such as batteries, hooks, power cords, and replacement bulbs.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Fairy Lights Red Rose String Lights 

These lights give a lovely red glow!

LED Ropelight Multicolour 

These blue lights suit every occasion!

Double Bell Led Rope Light 

Spread the Christmas cheer with these LED flashing bell lights!

Quick Picks

Tu Purple Flower String Fairy Lights 

These pretty purple lights look great twirled around banisters and railings.

Silver Disco Ball Light 

Spice up your party with this disco ball!

Globe Multicoloured LED Party Lights 

Create a funky atmosphere with these globe lights!

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