Deep Fryers Buying Guide

Fry it, you'll like it.  Seriously.  Everyone loves the comfort of fried food, as loaded with calories, cholesterol, and fat as it may be.  Bring this cooking craze right into your own kitchen with a deep fryer , and make fish and chips  to your heart's content.

What to Look For 

There's no question that frying your food significantly adds fat, so you will want to look for fryers with features to eliminate this as much as possible.

Look for a temperature indicator  or oil thermometer  to know how hot the oil is inside. 

  • Making sure that the oil  is at an optimum temperature helps keeps absorption to a minimum. 
  • If the fryer that you like doesn't have a temperature indicator, you can test out the heat by dropping a piece of plain old white bread into the fryer; it should turn golden brown in about one minute.  If it takes longer, you need to go hotter, and if it blackens pretty quickly, then you will need to cool the fryer down. 

Using a cast iron deep fryer  can sometimes be best, as heat is evenly distributed and held. 

  • There is more versatility for these fryers, as they can be used on the stove top  or in the oven  too.
  • There are drawbacks, as they can usually be very heavy.  Those with physical limitations should consider another kind of fryer.
  • Cast iron fryers also need a lot of care and maintenance, or they will rust very easily.  Be prepared for frequent scrubbing with steel wool  and soapy water . 


Deep fat dryers  and turkey fryers  are known for being a huge fire risk, and you must be extremely cautious when using them. 

  • Oil fires can be difficult to extinguish and pouring water over hot oil will only cause explosions. 
  • Many companies sell special extinguishers  made especially for fryer fires. 
  • However, home frying products often include a safety cut out in case of overheating, and come with a reset button to reset the safety device once the unit has cooled down. 
  • Just to be safe anyway, you should read up on the safety of deep fryers  before using yours.    

Major Manufacturers

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