Digital SLR Cameras Buying Guide


There comes a point in every photographer's life where he or she begins to wonder if there is more to their art than the tiny point-and-shoot model  that they stow away in their pocket.  With this desire comes the research of a Digital SLR Camera ; most consumers find this research overwhelming, as there is just so much information to understand.  We are here to simplify the camera lingo, present clear choices, and help you make an informed decision.  

Will You Use It? 

It's important to think about whether or not you will really get good use out of this new electronic. 

  • Size and Convenience: Keep in mind that digital SLRs  can be bulky and heavy and certainly do not provide the same conveniences that the pocket-sized digital cameras  will.  But don't go selling your old digital camera just yet -- it's good to have for spontaneous moments and for the times when you will want something small to carry on you.  However, digital SLRs are more suited for sightseeing, holidays, and portraits, as they will produce a higher quality picture ; if the transporting of this electronic is the problem, then you can easily carry it in an over-the-shoulder camera case . 

Megapixel Myth

Know that image data is only as good as the source that captures it.  This means that if you are going for 6 megapixels  or 12 megapixels , the size and sensitivity of the sensor is more important than the amount of megapixels that the camera will capture.  It is not always necessary to judge a camera based upon its megapixel count! 


It is better to invest more of your money in the lens of a digital SLR than it is in the body of the camera.  Camera bodies are developing rapidly, though a lens will last forever.  See our guide to Camera Lenses for even more information about how to select the right one for you.  

Basically, there are three things to look for in a camera lens for a digital SLR camera . 

  • Speed: The speed refers to how much light the lens will let in.
  • Versatility: You will want to be able to capture subjects both nearby and far away, so it is best to find a quality zoom lens for much more versatility and a fast prime lens for low light and narrow depths.
  • Image Stabilization: Sometimes this feature can be found built-in to cameras, but sometimes you will need to rely on the lens.  This detects the camera shake and keeps pictures from getting blurry. 

Choosing a Brand

Many photography experts will recommend Nikon and Canon, so we will too.  If you are interested in another manufacturer, we will bring you a list of our top picks.  

Canon Digital SLR Cameras 

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Nikon Digital SLR Cameras 

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Other Top Companies 

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