Dog Housebreaking Guide

You just got a new puppy and a new carpet. Ideally, you'd like to keep both for years to come. How do you train your puppy to only do its business outdoors, keeping the inside of your house clean? Well, you're going to need to train it in the home before walking it outside. The keywords to housebreaking a puppy are the same as with all other dog training. You need to be consistent, clear, and affirming. When your dog makes a mess in the house, if you scold it several minutes after the fact, it is too late. You need to catch the dog in the act so that he or she will understand that this behavior is not acceptable. Catch it, scold it clearly, and then bring it outside to finish its business properly. Afterwards, make sure to effusively praise your dog so that Poochie associates going to the bathroom with the great outdoors. Check out the external links to read more about ways to housebreak effectively. And read on to learn what products you need for this whole process.

What You Need Immediately

In Summary

If you consistently praise your dog for good behavior and do not intimidate it when it misbehaves, it will learn what to do to make you happy and keep your house clean. Once you've housebroken your puppy, though, you have to remember to take it on