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Dogs, especially puppies, are playful creatures. It is very wise to invest in a few dog toys  because if dogs get bored they usually opt to chew on your good shoes rather than turn Lassie and save little Timmy from the well. Choosing the right dog toys, however, is very important. The wrong dog toys can be dangerous to your pooch, even fatal! Take dog toys seriously and keep Fido safe and healthy.

How to Choose the Right Dog Toys

  • Safety should be your first concern, of course. Toys with small parts are a no-no. When toy shopping, take a close look at the toy and think about your pooch's teeth (if it is a puppy, think about his teeth when he's full grown) and strength. Is this toy going to be torn into pieces that could be choked on or harmful if ingested? Look out for loops and ropes that could wrap around your dog's neck.
  • Buy for your dog's size. Toys usually come in small ,medium , and large  sizes. Sometimes toys can be found for extra small  or extra large  dogs. Buying a toy that is too big or too small for your dog could either be overwhelming (if it is too big) or easy to choke on (if it is too small).
  • Observe your dog. Does your dog like to chase things or chew things? Figuring out what your dog likes to do will help you find a toy your dog will enjoy and not just stare at blankly.
  • Soft stuffed animal-like toys  are hit or miss. Some dogs are gentle enough to have these toys (I had a Saint Bernard who would use her stuffed fleece bone  as a pillow), but others will destroy these in 30 seconds or less. Not only will there be a lot of stuffing and fuzzy material to clean up, but the small pieces are dangerous to your pooch.
  • Sneak in something healthy, sort of like how they sneak vitamins  into snack foods now. Many toys are designed to promote healthy teeth and gums. Try to have at least one dental health toy  around. Having toys that encourage your dog to run around and get exercise, such as a ball  or Frisbee , helps your pooch stay in shape.
  • Get a few interactive toys. Frisbees and tug-of-war toys  are great to encourage bonding among man and canine.

Top Toys

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