Dolls and Dollhouses Buying Guide

Whether for play, collection , or a combination of the two, dolls and dollhouses are beautiful and fun for all. These classic toys  can be purchased almost anywhere, at different price ranges, and for a variety of reasons. There are many different types of dollhouses, just as there are many types of dolls. Some houses come with dolls, some are built to fit certain sized dolls, and some are sold to be played with only specific dolls. 

What to Look for in a Dollhouse

What are you using  your dollhouse for? If it's for play, maybe a sturdier model might be a good plan. A lot of houses are now built out of plastic or other harder materials; for years of use, plastic is definitely an option. Not only is it waterproof (hey, you never know) but is also more easily cleaned. Plastic houses tend to be sized better for plastic dolls as well. For more classic dollhouse dolls, there are many different styles of dollhouses, from Victorian mansions to little cottages.  If it's purely for show, there are many wooden, decorated, and delicate houses for sale. Some houses come with furniture, some let you pick your furniture sets separately. Many collectors choose this option, carefully buying all of the furniture and accessories to go inside. The furniture can sometimes be purchased in a toy store, but it's more likely that you'll have to find a local hobby shop.   Some houses have a theme: there are ones that go with movies and TV shows.

Award Winning Dollhouses

Glitter Dream Dollhouse 

This is recommended for children over the age of three.  It is very large and fits Barbie-sized dolls. It's colourful--the operative colour being pink of course--and sports a hand-crank elevator.

The Calico Critters Townhouse  is a tiny house for Calico Critters , also known as Sylvanian families . The lights turn on and off, and since it's plastic, it's durable. There are four rooms in the house, and it's small stature doesn't take up a lot of storage space. There are lots of furniture sets and family sets to buy, and other dollhouses to add to a collection as well.

The Playmobil Grand Mansion  is for kids over the age of four. There are many small parts, but this house is large enough for a staircase, and works with other Playmobil accessories and characters. Works for boys and girls.

My Take-Along Dollhouse  is portable enough to be convenient, and it comes with a family and furniture. A unisex toy for ages four and up, as it comes with lots of tiny pieces, like doll-sized flatware sets. 

The It's 2 Cute Dollhouse  has no small parts, and comes with a family of four and home furnishings. The dolls, house, and furnishings are all wood based. For ages two and up. 

More Dollhouses

The Melissa and Doug Victorian dollhouse  is made of wood, and has shingles and hard wood floors. Works for collectors and those who want a dollhouse to play with. Lots of tiny details. 

Sophie's House : The doors and windows open, and the roof lifts for easier playing. For kids three and older. Easy home assembly, sans furniture--for purchase later. 

Different Types of Dolls

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