Dress Clothing for Girls Buying Guide

Girls have endless opportunities to dress up. You've got weddings, class pictures, church, sometimes because they like feeling pretty on a Wednesday afternoon.  Whatever the reason, you generally need to have their wardrobe prepared. Of course, you're going to need to take into account things like is it a black tie affair or just dressy? Seasonal temperatures, and of course, keeping dress clothes age appropriate for your little girl. And current fashions come into play, but many of the basics of children's clothing never change when it comes to dressing up. Fabrics change seasonally, and it's really a personal preference if you go with the popular fashion superstitions like white after labor day etc. And try to make sure that you and your child, grandchild, niece etc. can agree on her dress clothes.(the pictures come out better when she's happy about her outfit) but also because chances are that she'll probably wear that outfit more than once if she needs to dress up again, especially if it's in different social circles like family weddings and friend parties. So try to go with her sense of style whiles maintaining your budget ideal, and have fun with it. Of course, there's always that line between her personal taste like preferring dresses to pants, and multicolored monstrosities of outfits, and that's where being the adult is handy. And don't forget about shoes and accessories, they are not only important for the overall look of the outfit, but also very pretty princess territory that makes dressing up extra fun.

Three Basic Options

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* Fabrics ** In the '''Summer''' look for these fabrics: *** seersucker *** linen *** cotton sundresses ** '''Wintertime''' fabrics: *** satin *** velvet *** corduroy * Other types of Dresses: ** '''Flower Girls' dresses''' also come in a variety of fabrics and colors. It's a good idea to check with the bride before ordering a dress for your girl. ** ''''''Current Trends:''' * Velvet * Lace * Romantic touches: Bell sleeves, embroidery and bows

Covering Up


The Finishing Touches

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