Earrings are practically an essential part of everyone's wardrobe. There are a different set of earring for every occasion, and you don't even need to wear them in set if you'd like. Many of the smaller earrings today have become unisex, worn at casual or special occasion by both men, women, and children. Keep the different materials of your earrings in mind if you have a certain metallic allergy.  The different materials earrings usually come in are: * Enamel * Gold * Silver * Platinum * Plastic * White gold * Yellow gold

Kinds of Earrings

* '''Chandelier''' - These are very popular earring which really range in their size, style, and complexity. Chandelier earrings usually have a few layers of stones, beads, jewels, etc. which are usually chain-linked together. They are versatile earrings which can be worn with a dressy-casual attire, but usually look best worn for fancy occasions. Some different types of chandelier earrings are: teardrop chandeliers, bridal chandelier, multi-chandelier, antique chandelier, disc chandelier, stone chandelier, and the list goes on.. * '''Dangle Earrings''' - These earrings hang down low like the chandelier earrings, but they are usually constructed only from a single link connection, rather than linked together in layers. Once they hang off your ear, they do as their name suggests and dangle. Dangle earrings usually look pretty elegant, and look great when you are all dressed up. * '''Drop''' - Drop earrings may sound or look similar to dangle earrings, but they are different types of earrings. Drop earrings are usually stationary, which means that unlike dangle earrings, they just hand straight down below the earlobe. The stem of the earring is usually made of just one piece of material, except maybe the very bottom may be connected to a single gem or stone by a single link, causing little movement.  * '''Ear Threads''' - Ear threaders, or ear threads earrings, are a very unique and stylish type of earring. They are usually a long link of a type of metal with one smooth, pin-shaped end which is meant to go through your ear piercing like a thread and be pulled through the other side. There is no backing on the ear threads, the earring just hangs on by the earlobe. The ear thread usually stops in your earlobe at the center of the earring, and has an equal length of the earring hanging down on either side. Sometimes ear threads have more decoration on the part of the earring hanging in front, like beads, jewels, or stones, but ear threads often have the same simplistic design on either side of the earring.  * '''Gauges Ear Plug''' - Ear lobe gauging is an old practice which entails gradually expanding the size of the piercing in your earlobe by "gauging," using a different, large size of ear gauges over time. Ear tapers usually come in a set or a kit, and are used to gradually stretch the size of the piercing (which should generally be a pain-free and injury-free process) before actual ear plugs are put in. Tapers vary greatly in size depending on how small or large you would like your ear gauge. They are held in place on either side of the earlobe by a circular pieces which are squeezed in place against the lobe. People generally wait 1-2 months between stretching.  You can use an ear gauge size chart to help measure your progress.  * '''Hoops''' - Hoops, or hoop earrings, are another type of earring which can be easily dressed up or dressed down. They are circular in shape, which can vary in size from very small to extremely large, and are usually held onto the ear by a clasp which is held into place by a snug U-shaped hook. Hoop earring can come as casual and fun as colorful plastic hoops, or as fancy as diamond hoops, silver, or gold hoops. * '''Spikes''' - Ear spikes are similar to ear tapers in shape, but are used more only as earrings, not worn for the purpose of stretching. They are also usually made a lot shorter in length, so as to look like a small metal metal spike is sitting on the earlobe. Ear spikes can come in spiral-style, which means the stem of the earring curves in a circular fashion, and one end of the earring has a removable spike to allow insertion. Double-sided ear spikes are made to look as if the center of a spike barbell or pin is held at the earlobe, either side of the earring having the same style.  * '''Studs''' - Stud earrings have the appearance of floating at the earlobe with out any indications of hooks or chain links. Stud earrings can be worn very casually, or they can be worn for very special occasions. These fancier studs can be pearl stud earring, gold stud earrings, gem stone stud earrings, or diamond stud earrings. Stud earrings do not have to necessarily be circular either. The earring design can be pretty much any shape, as long as it is a single piece of ornamentation held on the earlobe by a general push-on or stopper.

Earring Backs

These are the different types of backs which keep your earrings in place. * Clasp * Fish hook * Plastic stoppers * Push-on * Screw-on

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