Earrings are practically an essential part of everyone's wardrobe. There are a different set of earring for every occasion, and you don't even need to wear them in set if you'd like. Many of the smaller earrings today have become unisex, worn at casual or special occasion by both men, women, and children. Keep the different materials of your earrings in mind if you have a certain metallic allergy.  The different materials earrings usually come in are: * Enamel * Gold * Silver * Platinum * Plastic * White gold * Yellow gold

Kinds of Earrings

*Drop earrings may sound or look similar to dangle earrings, but they are different types of earrings. Drop earrings are usually stationary, which means that unlike dangle earrings, they just hand straight down below the earlobe. The stem of the earring is usually made of just one piece of material, except maybe the very bottom may be connected to a single gem or stone by a single link, causing little movement.  * '''ear gauge size chart to help measure your progress.  * '''gold hoops. * '''backs which keep your earrings in place. * Clasp * Fish hook * Plastic stoppers *

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