Electric Scooters

Do you love being able to go where you want when you want? If you live in a metropolitan area and you like to have the freedom to go where you please without polluting the environment or getting stuck in traffic, then you would love owning an electric scooter.

Gas vs. Electric Scooters

* They require much less maintenance than a gas-powered scooter plus they are conveniently allowed on all public transportation and fold up for easy storage. * They are great for doing errands, scooting around campus, going short distances in cities, and for just having fun. * Much safer than gas-powered scooters, mainly due to the fact that they only go up to 20mph depending on the model.

Important Features

'''Cost '''probably won't play as much of a factor in decisionscooter'>HCF models, which are slightly more expensive. ! The three most important features to look at when considering which electric scooter to buy are the range (how far it can go on one charge), the battery power (that determines speed), and the charge time. * '''Recharging''' for most models takes anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on how low the battery is. * '''Battery power''' usually allows for going up to 15mph on basic models. * '''Maximum distance range''' on one charge doesn't often exceed a 15 miles or the equivalent of 2 hours. * '''To get more battery life''' out of your scooter get a model that explicitly states that the motor does not kick into effect until you go over 3mph. Often these models have a removable battery so that they can convert into a regular kick scooter.

Optional Features

* '''Seats''' can be a more comfortable option. ** Some models with seats don't completely fold up. ** Seat kits add weight to the ride. * '''Three wheel models''' offer more stability. * '''Racks and baskets''' are useful if you plan to do some shopping with your scooter, or just plain tote stuff with you. * '''A wide base''' improves comfort and ease of use. * '''Tbars give more options for hand placement.

On Scooter Type

Another important factor in choosing an electric scooter is what you plan to use it for. This may seem fairly obvious, but there are different features to look for depending on your planned usage. * For commuting, or just playing, a simple, lightweight, folding scooter will cost less and perform just as well for your needs. * If you need a smooth riding scooter that acts as replacement transportation, go for an executive scooter that features bigger wheels and handbrakes instead of fender brakes that come on some of the simple models. * For everyone interested in doing tricks go for a that are designed for easy turning.

Models by Brand

Below you will see a list of models by
Razor Junior: $60 ** Specially designed for preschoolers. ** It goes extra slow at 1-2 mph to keep the little ones safe. ** Over an hour of use on one charge. *Razor E100: $100+ ** Up to 10mph with 40 minutes of use. ** Adjustable to fit most user sizes. ** Fine for children aged 8 and up *Razor E200s with a seat ** Up to 12mph with 45 minutes of run time. ** Full size, adjustable scooter with 8 inch tires. ** For ages 12 and up.

Basic Adult Models

These are fine for beginners and intermediate riders. ! *BladeZ ion 350: $240 ** Maximum speed 15mph. Maximum range 6 miles. * Citybug e2: $280+ ** This classicly simple electric scooter lasts for 6 miles * GT 350: $240 ** Only 5 hours recharge time. ** 15mph max. Lasts up to 8 miles. *Razor E300s has a seat ** 45 minutes of ride time at 15mph max. * Zappy eXpress: $300 with a seat ** Slightly heavy (70lbs) but still foldable. ** Speed and run time are great for the price. (15mph max for 15 miles) * Zappy 3: $290 ** About the same specs as the Zappy eXpress. ** Features a segway style setup with three wheels for extra stability.

High-end Models

Usually faster and stay charged longer but they also weigh more. Good for experienced riders. ! * HCF 707: $500 with a comfy detachable seat ** Exceptional 13 mile range with power suitable for light hills and up to 240 pounds of weight. ** Extra shock protection makes riding on rough terrain smoother. ** Rated best scooter in 2002 ** Rear fenders, aluminum rack for toting stuff * Rad2Go Tiger Shark: $400 ** Goes up hills and boasts a top speed of 22mph. *Razor E500s: $300, comes with a seat ** Up to 17mph. Lasts for about 15miles. ** This 80lb. scooter needs 8 hours to charge.

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