Electric Skillets and Woks Buying Guide

Electric skillets and woks are great tools to have in your kitchen as they provide portability, save energy, and can easily be controlled via temperature. These devices can be used anywhere in the kitchen and as a result you do not have to heat up the entire stove range to use them. Having one of these tools for your kitchen can be extremely helpful and provide a way for you to make delicious stir-frys and even breakfast dishes.

Electric Skillets

Electric skillets are great for cooking in "kitchenless" situations like dorm rooms, RVs, and cabins. One of the main benefits is that it has true temperature control -- no guessing how high to put the flame or what number is medium heat. Electric skillets are also easy-to-use and clean, but it is the little things that distinguish a skillet fit for everything and one that's been pushed to the back of the cabinet.


* '''Lids''':  Lids with large viewing windows allow you to see that your skillet is taking care of business, but keep in mind that certain materials like plastic can stain when cooking things like tomatoes. * '''Body''': Dishwasher safe is a good thing to keep an eye on if you hate to hand wash, and keep in mind that non-stick Teflon coating also makes cleaning simple. As for the shape, these skillets can be round or square depending on your needs. * '''Size''': An electric skillet can range from 12-18 inches, which is larger than some stovetop skillets and therefore lets you cook more food at once. * '''Extras''': Most skillets come equipped with the below: ** '''Warming Function''': Keeps your food warm even after it is cooked. ** '''Temperature Controls''': These can be much more detailed than your generic stovetop skillet, allowing you more control over your cooking.

Sizzling Skillet

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Electric Woks

A wok is a tricky item to buy, and you should never buy one on impulse. If you are a wok purist, you wouldn't dream of buying an electric wok, but for those of us in between, an electric wok can be a great thing to own and an easy way to practice whole new style of cooking.


* '''Accessories''': Woks might include a tempura rack and a steam rack for facilitating a variety of cooking uses. They may also come with utensils, which may be nice for someone who is just starting up their kitchen collection and doesn't own any yet. Otherwise, spend the money on the wok itself and not the extras. * '''Capacity''': For cooking large quantities at once, make sure your wok can handle at least 6 quarts. Larger capacities also allow for cooking other items besides stir fry, such as curries and soups or stews. Keep in mind that these larger models may take up more counter space and can be harder to store. * '''Cleaning''': Dishwasher safe models facilitate cleaning and make wok cooking more convenient. Likewise, you may want to pick one with a non-stick coating. * '''Lids''': Glass tops are nice because they allow you to see what you are cooking and minimize splattering. * '''Body''': A sturdy base lessens the chance of slipping, spilling, or tipping while you are serving or cooking.

Wonderful Woks

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