Electric Skillets and Woks

Electric skillets  and electric woks  are great for cooking in "kitchenless" situations like dorm rooms, caravans, and cabins. Electric skillets are easy to use and clean, but the features and ease of use in general will distinguish a kitchen fixture from a dust collector. If you are a wok  purist, you wouldn't dream of buying an electric wok , but for young people just starting to cook for themselves an electric wok can be a great way to practice a whole new style of cooking.

Electric Skillet Features

  • Lid Design
    • Keep in mind, plastic lids can stain when cooking tomatoes.
    • Lids with large viewing windows, allow you to see that your skillet is taking care of business.
    • Look for a lid with a fold down stand so it can stand on its own, saving you the effort of trying to clear counter space.
  • Body Design
    • Dishwasher safe is a good thing to keep an eye on if you hate to hand wash.
    • Non-stick Teflon coating makes cleaning much easier.
    • The warming function is not a standard feature on all machines.
    • Look for a storage unit on the side that packs up everything nicely. Especially useful when the electric skillet is needed for a trip.
  • Cooking
    • Temperature controls are a must.
    • Fast warm up.
    • Look for even heat distribution, which is especially important in larger skillets.

Electric Wok Features

  • Woks might include a tempura rack  and a steam rack  for added cooking options.
    • They may also come with utensils, which may be nice for someone who is just starting up their kitchen collection and doesn't own any yet. Otherwise, spend the money on the wok itself and not the extras.
  • For cooking large quantities at once, make sure your wok can handle at least four litres. Larger capacities -- often up to eight litres -- also allow for cooking other items besides stir fry, such as curries and soups or stews. These larger models may take up more counter space, but that is not really an issue unless you keep the wok out all the time.
  • Dishwasher-safe models facilitate cleaning and make wok cooking more convenient. Likewise, you may want to pick one with a non-stick coating, for easier cleaning.
  • Glass tops are nice because they allow you to see what you are cooking and keep down splattering.
  • A sturdy base minimises the chances of slipping, spilling, or tipping.

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