Electronic Gifts the Holidays

The holiday season is a month of heaven for gadgetawaited gizmos first made available, but you can also find some solid deals as the companies all try to outdo each other and make sure that their products are the ones under your tree. Prepare to be wowed by the latest and greatest technology.

Portable Media Players

The market for portable media players (PMPs) has become gigantic as peoples' desire to listen to music, watch movies and TV shows, and share photos with friends on the go has skyrocketed in recent years. Many companies offer models of MP3 players, and you can get the most basic players for very cheap: well under $50. Even these basic models offer a good number of features, but the most expensive PMPs allow you to interact with other users on the go and access the internet, play games, or even download music right to the player over the web. These can make great gifts for the consumer looking to buy a simple or advanced product in any price range. Don't forget to throw in a pair of headphones along with it.

Video Games

Now is a better time than ever to get into this generation of gaming. Prices are low, games are coming out by the barrel full, and more and more upgrades to system capabilities are made all the time to improve your entertainment experience. '''Handheld Systems''' Nintendo and Sony compete in the handheld gaming arena. The Nintendo DS has been an enormous success and is by far the bestGuide'>handheld gaming. '''Home Consoles''' The big three game manufacturers, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, renewed their rivalry with their seventhConsoles'>guide to video game consoles.


Computers are a great gift idea. The technology is always updating, and they can be fun or functional, so the perfect computer for everyone is out there somewhere. Plus, there are plenty of new models that won't cost an arm and a leg. If they already have the computer of their dreams, there are plenty of other computer-related gifts that anyone would love to have. '''Laptops''' Sleek, stylish, and sturdy, laptops have come a long way in terms of power and portability. You can get a model that's tiny and easy to travel with, or one with a big screen that replaces the need for a desktop. Whoever you're buying for, there's a laptop they'd love. '''Desktops''' Cheaper and more powerful than laptops, the desktop is still a great option for someone who doesn't need the portability of a laptop or who needs maximum horsepower out of their system for power-hungry apps like the latest games. '''Other Computing Options''' Buying a gift for someone who already loves their current computer but wouldn't mind some cool stuff to go with it? Don't stick them with another boring old USB drive. A new monitor or printer is something that almost anyone could use, or, if you want to give a new, even smaller type of computer this season, you can get them a snazzy new netbook.

Televisions and Home Theater

If you're looking to make a big splash this holiday season, a new bigbox (HTIB) or a set of home theater speakers. '''LCD Televisions''' Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TVs have dropped in price and are now very affordable. LCD is one of two modern television technologies. They the offer the thinnest designs and the smoothest, brightest pictures without ugly burnTelevisions'>LCD Televisions guide. '''Plasma Televisions''' Plasmas are the other type of HDTV. They have the largest screen sizes and have amazing black levels for the deepest images. You can learn all about plasma in the guide to Plasma Televisions. '''Home Theater''' With the focus on high definition televisions, people sometimes forget about other aspects of home theater. Highdefinition movie discs and a great option for getting the most out of a snazzy new Full HD screen.


One of the most popular gifts in recent years has been the Global Positioning System, or GPS. These handy devices come out with new models every year, and if you don't need the most features out of them, they can be fairly inexpensive but still very useful. They come in a variety of styles: a handheld GPS is great for hikers, while a carDevices'>GPS guide is a great place to start, but here are a few choices anyone would love to receive.

Cell Phones and Smartphones

A shiny new phone can be a great gift idea, as the technology updates often and there are lots of new models and features to choose from. There is also a great range of prices, so you can probably find something to fit your budget. Be careful, however: if you plan on buying a new phone, you'll need to check on a few things. First, find out who their cellular service provider is. If they're in the middle of a contract, you'll need to get them a phone that won't break that contract or start up a new contract with a different provider. They won't be as thankful for the gift if it comes with a 2contract fee for their existing service. Second, check into the additional prices of the new phone. For example, if you're getting an iPhone for someone and you think you're safe because they already have AT&T, keep in mind that there is an expensive monthly data plan that AT&T requires you to buy. Lastly, not every cell phone is compatible with every cell phone network, so if you get them something incompatible with their carrier, they might not be able to use it. Think about getting an unlocked phone that will work with any carrier. This just scratches the surface, so make sure you take a look at the guides to cell phones and smartphones.

Digital Cameras and Camcorders

Some of the quintessential electronics gifts, cameras and camcorders have always been popular choices around the holiday season, as they are practical gifts that can be taken out of the box and used right away to record all the memories you'll create with the whole family around. Cameras and camcorders have become amazingly small, powerful, and inexpensive over the last few years, and the presence of sites like Facebook, which allow you to post videos and photos of your friends, have added to their popularity. '''Cameras''' You'd be hardcameras'>digital cameras. '''Camcorders''' Camcorders have become another popular option for documenting the important (and sometimes notimportant) events in our lives. Even larger models are now very compact, and they make tiny models that fit easily in a pocket but shoot high definition video. For all you could ever want to know about camcorders, see our camcorders guide. '''Digital Picture Frames and Photo Printers''' As an inexpensive alternative to a brand new camera or camcorder or a cool new gadget to display all the great photos you've taken, try a digital picture frame. Some of the best run under $100 and many serve multiple functions, like playing back videos and music with slideshows as well. A more traditional accessory to a camera is a brand new photo printer. These tiny, portable devices create professional-looking prints to showcase your photographic talent and create physical productions that you can share with your loved ones. For more on technology, check out all our electronics guides.

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