Photography and Camera Accessories Buying Guide

Photography is an interesting passion that’s followed by many. There are a variety of camera accessories that eases and facilitates your photography work.

Types of Camera Accessories

  • Tripods: Tripods offer stability and support to your cameras.  Tripods can be small, compact, and lightweight for the traveling photographer, or much larger and sturdier that can extend over 6 feet.
  • Monopods: Monopods are simple and easily transportable. They are frequently used by sports and press photographers owing to their lightweight and compact design. They are used to avoid camera shake to a maximum extent.
  • Circular Polarising Filters: These filters are used to remove unwanted reflections from water, glass etc. They are also used for make colours more saturated and appear clear with better contrast.
  • Flash Guns: There are a variety of flash guns which are very powerful, full-featured, light weight and compact suitable for both digital and film cameras. They are portable, durable and efficient.
  • Rubber Eyecups: Eyecups help eyeglass wearers to use the camera without scratching their glasses. Rubber eyecups are attached to the viewfinder eyepiece to minimise extra light and to avoid vision fatigue.
  • Eyepiece Adaptors: Eyepiece adaptors are used to attach eyepiece magnifiers to the camera's eyepiece. These adaptors are available in different sizes and materials to suit the camera needs. These adaptors offer accurate and consistent retention of collimation tools.
  • Camera Bags: There are a variety of bags available for cameras and their accessories such as bags for large cameras, small camera pouches, roller bags/trolleys, top-loading bags, torso bags, shoulder bags and tripod bags and straps.

Outdoor Photo Gears

There are a variety of outdoor photographic equipment such as photography clothing, hides, jackets and gloves, photo vests, rain covers, stools, torches, water bottle carriers and weather data stations.

Popular Brands

  • Canon
  • Sony
  • Olympus

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Gorillapod SLR Tripod :

It is designed to hold lightweight SLR and video cameras with ease.

Cobra CT-190 Monopod :

It comes with a built-in spirit level and quick release plate.

Tiffen Circular Polarising Filter :

This 52mm filter removes glare from non-metallic surfaces, such as windows and water.

Quick Picks

Nikon Rubber Eyecup :

It attaches easily to the viewfinder to reduce extraneous light.

ScopeTeknix Eyepiece Adaptor :

This adaptor will upgrade your entry-level push-fit eyepiece holder to professional standard for improved performance.

Olympus Digital Photo Camera Case :

Made of leather, this camera case has a magnetic closing with a belt attachment.

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