Hard Drives Buying Guide

Hard disk drives are one of the vital components of a computer device. The storage capacity of a computer system or a laptop or a notebook is decided by its hard disk capacity. They can be either internal ones, in-built to the system or external hard disks that are handy for additional storage needs.  

Types of Hard Drives

Serial ATA Hard Drive: SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. If you involve in a lot of picture and video tasks in your computer, then you will need a fast performing and a hi-speed internal parallel hard disk. This type of hard disk drive can also be used to edit store movies and video clips. This disk is compatible with all low level components, when it can work with all the advanced levels. This disk comes with three different power supplies, one is the micro connector, second is the slim line connector and the third is the standard connector. This has both forwarding and rewinding compatibility. 

External Hard Drive: If the existing hard disk drive runs short of space, will you buy a PC all together? There is no need of it, as now you have the external hard disk drives of any capacity you would prefer to have. It can be easily connected through a USB port, and you can start storing more data. This also makes carrying of data easy. Storage capacity varies from 120 GB to 800 GB and more in these external disks. The two main physical sizes of this hard disk drive are 2.5” which is equivalent to the inbuilt version of a laptop and 3.5” which is equivalent the inbuilt version of a desktop computer. 

Top Brands

  • Toshiba
  • Western Digital
  • Fantom
  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • LaCie
  • Iomega

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

LaCie Rikiki Portable Hard Drive, 250GB :

The portable hard drive is ideal for your music, photos, files, and an entire range of multimedia usage.

IOMEGA Prestige External Hard Drive 1.5TB :

The external hard drive has a storage capacity equivalent of 300 DVD ROMs. 

Seagate ST3500641AS-RK Internal Hard Drive :

The internal hard drive offers capacity, performance, reliability and value for multiple applications.

Quick Picks

Lexmark Hard drive 5 GB internal :

The hard disk drive is ideal for printers and comes with an adapter.

Apple SATA Hard Disk Drive Kit for Mac Pro :

The hard disk drive kit for Mac Pro. 

Pogoplug External Portable Hard Drives :

The USB powered hard drive is portable and can be carried around.

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